Convert Images to SVG for Cricut

Convert Images to SVG for Cricut – Create Layers to Cut

Learn how to convert images to SVG for Cricut. Take a PNG or JPG image and create a layered SVG for cutting with your Cricut machine. It sounds hard, but it’s not. Just follow me!

Convert Images to SVG for Cricut

Creating layers from a simple PNG or JPG image file is really easy using the Cricut Design Space App. Confused about SVG vs JPG or PNG? Find out the difference right here. Let’s get started.

Using PNG or JPG Image Files in Cricut

First, just in case you are not familiar with the difference between JPG and PNG images, here is a very brief explanation.

  • JPG images still have a white (or colored) background which will need to be removed
  • PNG images have no background and only a grid pattern in the background. Choose these, they are easier to work with.

How to Convert Images to SVG for Cricut – The Video

Upload Image to Convert for SVG

Find an image you want to cut in Cricut with different color vinyl. Then open Cricut Design Space. We need to upload the image you want to convert first.

  1. In your Cricut Design Space Canvas that should be open now, choose Upload.
 Convert Images to SVG for Cricut

2. Click ‘Upload Image’

Convert Images to SVG for Cricut

3. Click Browse and go find your image you have saved on your computer.

Convert Images to SVG for Cricut

4. Choose the type of image you have. I chose Complex for mine and I usually choose this for all my images. I guess I think I am safe if I choose that one. So…Simple, Moderately Complex, or Complex. Choose one for your file, then click Continue.

Convert Images to SVG for Cricut

Learn How to Convert Images

5. If your image has a background, use the Wand tool and click on it and all the background that touches will be erased. That was easy…right? If you have a background that is inside areas, like maybe the white in my frog’s eyes, click on that too.

Convert Images to SVG for Cricut

6. Once your image looks like you want it to, you will need to save it as it is to use it as a guide when you build your converted image in Cricut. So click Continue and save it as a Print and Cut (the one on the left). Then name it on the right-hand side.

I wrote down the layers in my frog and numbered them so I could remember what each layer was. For instance, for this image, I would name it 1. complete frog image. The next one would be 2. dark green frog back legs. Something that helps you remember what each color is as you are converting each layer.

Repeat Converting Each Layer

7. Now we are going to do that entire process over again, but we will change what we do to the image this time. The first one was just for a reference image.

So upload your image again, starting with step 1 above, but stop after step 5. We will do these steps over and over again for how many different layers there are in your image.

8. Decide which color layer you want to start with. Your Cricut automatically selects the Wand in the Select & Erase area. So using your mouse, click on each color you want to erase. Keep only one color on the page.

Convert Images to SVG for Cricut

Sometimes there are random lines in your image. To find these and erase them, click on the Preview button on the bottom of this page.

Convert Images to SVG for Cricut

9. Once this layer is cleaned up and ready to save, click Continue. Once again complete Step 6. Remember to save as a Print & Cut and name it.

10. Do this step over and over again for each layer or color. Once every layer is done, go back to your clean Cricut Design Space canvas, click upload and then click on each colored layer and the reference image picture. Then Click Insert Images.

Convert Images to SVG for Cricut

Time to Put Converted Image Together

11. They all pile on top of each other on the canvas. This is ok. Just move each piece to the side, much like you would do with a puzzle.

Convert Images to SVG for Cricut

12. All the pieces will now be put on your canvas and should all be sized the same. I start by layering each color on top of the reference image picture so I can see where each piece goes. I try to start with the furthest back layer and move forward. You may need to tell Cricut to bring your image to the front by using the Arrange button on the top toolbar.

Convert Images to SVG for Cricut

13. Build your SVG image on top of the original reference image. One-piece at a time, just like putting a puzzle together. Once you have all the pieces in the right space and it looks good, go over to the layers panel on the right-hand side and click on the eye icon on the original reference image. This will make it disappear. What it will leave is your converted image. It is now an SVG image that is perfect to cut all the layers with your Cricut.

Let’s Cut Your Newly Converted SVG Image with Cricut

14. Now you are ready to cut your SVG image. But first, we need to change a few things. We have our layers marked as a Print and Cut, but that’s not what we want to do. We just want to cut them.

So we need to change them to just a cut image. Click on each piece and then go up to the top toolbar and click the Print button under the Fill heading. Now click No Fill. This will take the color away, so remember what color that piece is, and after you change it to No Fill you can go back to the toolbox and under the Linetype, next to the Cut button, click on the box where you can change the color. Put the color close to the original. This will help you find your vinyl for each piece. That seems like a lot, but you got this. Go slow.

Convert Images to SVG for Cricut

15. Now you are ready to Cut. Click “Make It” and every color will go on a separate mat. This will allow you to cut each piece separately. Just take your time, this really is easy.

Don’t forget, if this is for HTV or iron on, mirror all the pieces.

So now all that is left is to choose your vinyl and cut. Once all the pieces are cut, just piece it together like a puzzle, from the back to the front.

You got this. Now go have a happy crafting day!

Bren with Addicted to Cricut