Cricut For Beginners

I finally decided to buy my Cricut Machine. Gaaaaaaaaa!!!! I can’t wait to learn how to use my Cricut.

I have wanted a Cricut for a long time but I just couldn’t justify the cost. I am so excited to get started!

Wait….what is a Cricut machine? It is a home die-cutting machine or a cutting plotter used for scrap-booking and other crafts.

Think of it like a printer. What you design and send to the Cricut will be cut instead of printed. But that isn’t all the Cricut does.

It can write as well. Imagine sending personalized greeting cards to your friends with beautiful calligraphy writing on the inside.

The Cricut machine does all this and so much more!

In a hurry to get your Cricut? Click here to order the Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine.

If you just bought your new Cricut machine I know you are excited to get started too.

Let’s get started!
Do you have a new Cricut Machine? Learn how to use your new Cricut TODAY! Fast and easy tutorials that will get you started now.

Setting Up Your Cricut?

When I first got my Cricut Explore Air 2 my first question was…where do I start?

Even though Cricut didn’t include instructions with my Cricut machine, I found a video what was extremely helpful. You can find out how to set up your Cricut machine here.

Cricut First Project

Cricut did include in the box all the supplies I would need to do it the first project, but the instructions were missing. You can find the instructional videos right here.

After doing the first project, I quickly jumped on Google to find a manual. Keep this so you can refer back to it later.

More Cricut Project Beginner Ideas

Now that you have your Cricut machine set up, what can you make with it?
Find beautiful Cricut First Projects like this pretty card. So easy and so pretty.
My dreams were to use the Cricut machine for  home decor, gift items and so much more.

With my Cricut Machine I can create custom cards with card stock paper and it will cut a design and write the sentiment on the card all at the same time. I am in love with this Tea Cup card. All the instructions are available on Cricut Design Space.

With Cricut I can create fun baby clothes to say anything I want. So much fun!I can create sentimental or funny sayings  with iron on vinyl (HTV)  to create t shirts for my grandsons.

I can monogram just about anything with vinyl, check out my leather purse I put my monogram on.

I can even etch glass or do some paint projects using cut vinyl as templates.

And that is just touching the surface of what this incredible Cricut Machine does.

Check out these great projects(not mine). Custom coasters, Rockin baby onesie, and a beautiful Get Well card…all made with Cricut. Are you getting excited???

What Is a Cricut Machine Used For

If you still haven’t purchased a Cricut, but now see why you need one, here is a link to Cricuts official web site to get your Cricut Explore Air 2 or the brand new Cricut Maker.

Cricut Explore Air 2 vs Cricut Maker

Where Can You find Answers and Help with Problems?

I had so many questions and finding the answers was hard. Everything I saw or read was about projects people were doing, but not about HOW to do them.

So I had to dig to find answers. I decided I was going to try to make this easier for other new Cricut owners. I started this blog and I set up a FaceBook Support Group, Addicted to Cricut.

As I learn, I will share it with you here on this blog and on the FaceBook Support Group. If you have questions or get stuck, just send holler out on the FB group and I will probably be around to answer your question pretty quick.

Please come join us! Addicted to Cricut.

Ready, Set, GO!

Don’t forget to download this manual just in case you need it. Cricut Explore Air 2 Manual