SVG Files for My Cricut – What is it and how to use it

If you are looking for the perfect images to use in Cricut Design Space, then SVG files for Cricut is what you want. They will make your work much easier!

SVG Files for Cricut make choosing very intricate Cricut machine projects so much fun! They are done for you; no converting files or anything. Easy!Buy Now Cricut MakerSVG Files for my Cricut - What is it and how to use it? | Understanding SVG files for Cricut Design Space | SVG files in Cricut Design Space | Using SVG files with Cricut

What Are SVG Files for Cricut?

SVG files for Cricut are SVG File Icon for Cricutthe files ready to use in Cricut Design with no editing or cleaning.

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. I won’t go into what that means, but just know these are good files to use in Cricut Design Space.

You can identify SVG files in your personal files by the icon on the left.

What makes SVG files for Cricut so nice is that it is a clean image, meaning that you don’t have to clean out all the white spaces when you download an image.

Let me show you what I mean on this video.

If you have an image that isn’t a SVG file, try putting that image into

I love the site that lets you make SVG files for Cricut. Most of the SVG files I have made using this web site work really well. There have been one or two that went wonky.

Downloading the SVG Files for Cricut

Here are the steps to download a SVG file for Cricut. It’s easy, fast, fun and best of all ….. it’s a clean SVG image for Cricut.

You will also see how to size her to the right size for your project.

  1. In your web browser, go to Cricut Design Space and sign in.
  2. Click on Create New Project.
  3. On the left side at the bottom, click Upload.
  4. Once inside the upload section, click on Upload Image.
  5. Browse where you stored your SVG image file.
  6. Once you locate your SVG file, click on it to open it in Design Space.
  7. Once it is uploaded you can change the name if you like.
  8. Click on Save Image.
  9. Your image is saved and all you need to do it click on it and then click insert images to get it on the Cricut Design Space.
  10. Now that it is in Design Space you can resize it, add to it or leave it the way it is.

Where Can You Get SVG Files for Cricut?

Etsy is my go-to place for SVG files. There are so many there that you will love.

Here are a few that I just picked out of Etsy to show you. Either follow this link or click on the picture below to go directly to Etsy SVG files for Cricut.

SVG Files for Cricut Examples

Ok…..That’s how you download and use SVG Files for Cricut. Pretty simple and sooooo pretty!

Now I am off to find a new Cricut machine project to work on. Let me know what you have been doing with a comment below.

Watch out…. it’s ADDICTING!!!


Happy Crafting!

How To Use SVG Files for Cricut PIN
SVG Files for my Cricut - What are they and how to use them | SVG files for Cricut | What is a SVG file | How to use SVG File with Cricut