What Is Weeding in Cricut?

What is Cricut Weeding?


What is Cricut weeding and why do I need to know this?

Learn what Cricut weeding is and why you need to know how to do it. I am addicted to weeding….maybe you will be too.

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Cricut Weeding | What is Cricut Weeding? | Do I need to learn how to weed? | Learning how to weed a Cricut project

Cricut weeding isn’t hard at all. Don’t be afraid. Here are my tips and tricks for Cricut Weeding for beginners.

Cricut weeding is removing of all the excess material in a design you don’t want or need.

Kind of like weeding a garden. You take out the weeds and leave the pretty vegetables.

If you look closely at the lady I weeded and then used to decorate my Cricut, you can see all the pieces of the vinyl I hand picked out to make her look so amazing.

She was a solid sheet of vinyl and my Cricut cut her design into the holographic vinyl. But until I took out the “weeds” or negative space, she didn’t look like herself.

Dress Up My Cricut Machine Project

So basically weeding is pulling out the bad stuff to make the picture stand out more. If you look really close though, you can see some circles that were so small I didn’t bother getting them. The small stuff is a challenge to weed out.

Cricut Weeding Tutorial Video

If you still don’t understand what weeding is, here is a short video of me weeding some words I plan on putting up in my office. It’s a saying I guess I say a lot when things aren’t going well, or so my friends tell me I do.









Cricut Weeding Vinyl

There is not special Cricut weeding vinyl. Whether you are using Cricut vinyl (permanent or removable) or Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV), your project will need to be weeded. So all Cricut vinyl projects need to be weeded.

Cricut Weeding Projects for Beginners

Don’t be afraid of the intricate designs. They aren’t as hard as they look.

I like to find the most intricate designs and make them just so I can weed them. I have no idea what I will do with them. Am I nuts? I really like weeding the intricate project.

You may like it too, just try one intricate pattern and see what you think.

Cricut Weeding Tools  I Use

This is my second intricate SVG file I downloaded to Cricut Design Space, and I took the advice about tools from people at a Cricut Facebook group, and purchased the tools they recommended. I know it sounds disgusting, but it’s called….. Blackhead Remover Kit. Ewwww…right? I bought a pink set. So pretty!

The Blackhead Remover Kit has small tools and tweezers that make them the perfect weeding tool for cricut. I am finding them so much better than the Cricut tools.

They really weren’t expensive, so I decided to at least try them. I am glad I did because they are sturdier than the ones Cricut makes.

I have pictured both the Cricut machine project tool on the far left and the new Blackhead Remover Kit on the right. The tool with the red arrow on it is the one I like to use better than the Cricut tool on the left. It feels sturdier in my hand and it is sharper. I felt like the Cricut machine project tool left marks in the remaining vinyl and I didn’t like that.

Cricut Tool vs Blackhead Remover Kit

Cricut BrightPadCricut Bright Pad is Great for Weeding

The other weeding tool I would be lost without is the Cricut Bright Pad.

It is basically a light pad that artists have used for years to help them see better in their art; whether they are tracing or free hand drawing.

It helps me to see the cut lines so much easier and then be able to tell what part is the weeds and what part is the good stuff that I want to keep. I love this tool most of all!

Check out my post on the Cricut Bright Pad!

Happy Crafting!

Cricut weeding isn't difficult. Find out my tips and tricks to help you learn how to Cricut Weed. I also put a video tutorial in there. Check it out!
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