Upload – Cricut Design Space Basics

Uploading Images to Cricut Design Space

Welcome to our Cricut Design Space Basic Series where we are breaking down all the features of Cricut Design Space, one feature at a time.

Today we will talk about Upload feature. How to upload images using the Upload feature in Cricut Design Space.

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Upload to Cricut Design Space – Video Tutorial

How to Upload Single Layer Image

  1. To upload a single layer image to Cricut Design Space, make sure you know where the image is saved on your computer. To begin uploading an image, click on the “Upload” icon on the canvas.

  2. Once you click Upload you will be sent to another window. Click Upload Image and browse your computer to choose the image you want to upload to Cricut Design Space.

    How to Upload Images to Cricut Design Space

  3. Click the on the image and then click Open.

  4. Depending on how detailed your image is, here is where you will choose your image type. Simple, Moderately complex, or Complex. If you are unsure, click Complex.

  5. The next window is where you can “clean up” your image. The tools you will be using are found in the top left hand corner. By clicking on each one you can see what it will do to your image.

    Using the “Select and Erase” tool, you can erase the background and any white spaces in your image you want out with just one click of your mouse.

    With the “Erase” tool, you can erase any part of your image you don’t want to upload. You can zoom in or out with this tool to help you be more precise.
    It’s like using an eraser. Super simple.

    Using the “Crop” tool you can crop or cut your image to a smaller size or to crop out parts you don’t want to include.

    Use the “Preview” option on the bottom of the page to look at your image to see if it is how you want it to be. This feature can help you see hidden things you want to erase or crop out.

    Once you have your image exactly how you want, click Continue.

  6. Since this is a single layer image, click “Save as a Cut Image”. You can always change this to a print image if you decide to use it that way.

  7. Give it a name and click Save.

How to Upload Multiple Layer Image

To upload a multi-layered image, follow the same steps above. Instead of choosing a PNG or JPEG, you will choose an SVG file.

A SVG file is already in layers and can be cut separately as well. They work perfectly in Cricut Design Space.

You won’t need to clean this image up, so you will skip steps 4 and 5 from the above list. Your image will automatically be put in a Name & Tag Pattern window. Name your image and click Save.

Your multiple layer image is now ready to be used. Click the image and Insert Image. Now your image should be on your Cricut Design Space Canvas and be ready to be sized and altered in any way you want.

How to Upload Print and Cut Image

To upload a Print and Cut image, follow the same steps above. You can choose any file for this feature. I use ones with lots of colors because you will use your printer to create a Print and Cut.

For Print & Cut you will need to follow all the steps I outlined above until you get to the very last step where you either save it as a Print then Cut Image or a Cut Image. Please save it as a Print Then Cut Image.

Now you are ready to upload it to your Canvas. For complete instructions on how to do a Print & Cut project, please check out my blog post “Cricut – How to Print & Cut”. There is a video as well.

That’s it! You now know all there is to uploading an image into Cricut Design Space to use for your project.

Happy Crafting!

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Learn How to Upload Images to Cricut Design Space
Quickly learn how to upload images to Cricut Design Space