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How to Use Snapmat in Cricut

Stop throwing away your vinyl scraps. Instead, Snapmat them!

Snapmat may sound funny, but it is an awesome tool in the Cricut App on either the iPad or iPhone. Learn how to use Snapmat in Cricut to use up all your little scraps of vinyl or paper. No more reloading your mat over and over for different colors. I love this feature on the iPad. Sorry Android users, this is only available on the iPhone or iPad.

Where to begin to use Snapmat

It’s really simple. Add a few shapes to your iPad or iPhone Cricut app. Don’t worry about changing the colors of each shape.

On your Cricut mat, add a few different color vinyl. Just add them randomly on the mat like you see in the picture.

On the Cricut Canvas on iPad
snapmat cricut
Add vinyl randomly on Cricut Mat

Now click Make It. The shapes will all collect together closely, but we aren’t going to leave them like this.

Look at the bottom left hand side for a button that will say Snapmat. Click that and it opens your camera. If you have your camera set to not let Cricut use it, you may need to go to settings and allow Cricut to use the camera on your device.

Once its ready to take a picture, raise your iPad above the Cricut mat until the camera takes a picture of the entire Cricut mat. Once its done and you like it, click use on the top right hand corner of your device.

Now you can move your shapes around the canvas by touching them and dragging them to the color of vinyl you want them cut out of. It is really that easy.

Snap Mat Cricut Video

If you prefer a video tutorial, like me, here you go.

That’s all there is to using Snapmat in Cricut. It is a tool that will help you with your projects and let you use all those small pieces of leftover vinyl or paper. I save all mine, do you? So this is perfect for me to use them and feel like I am using all my materials completely.

Ok….get out there and try the Snapmat in Cricut app on your iPad or iPhone.

Cricut Maker

Happy Crafting!!!

Bren with Addicted to Cricut