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My Cricut Tools from Amazon

Cricut tools are so important and I get mine from all over the place. Check out what Cricut tool deals I watch for on Amazon.

Buy Now Cricut Maker

Cricut Cutting Mats (Green)– I find some really good deals on mats on Amazon. The last ones I ordered this week were 3 for under $15. I like that deal.

Generic Cutting Mats – Feels and looks the same. Works great!

Official Cricut EasyPress Mat – These are from Cricut.

Cricut EasyPress Mat – This is not the official Cricut Mat, but I have this one and like it a lot. Often times, Amazon has a good deal on them.

Generic EasyPress Mat – They have different sizes which is great for the new EasyPress sizes.

Official Cricut Weeding Tools – These are tools from Cricut. Not my favorite, but they work. My favorite is below.

Cricut Weeding Tool – No…this isn’t the official tool, but its the one that I really like. I use all of them in this group, but the curved tweezers are my favorite.

Generic Cricut Weeding Tools – These are just as good at a reduced price.

My Cricut Tool Deals I watch on Amazon

Teflon Sheets for Ironing – I use these all the time with HTV. I feel much safer knowing there is something between my iron and vinyl.

Cricut EasyPress – I am in love with my EasyPress. It is one item I would buy again and again. There are now several sizes, check out which one is right for your projects. Check out the EasyPress Travel Suitcase from Cricut.

Vinyl – Sometimes I can find great deals on vinyl. I almost always try to buy name brand vinyl though. That way I know it will be good vinyl. Don’t buy the cheap stuff. You will hate it!

VLR Vinyl Remover – If you make a mistake with HTV iron on, you will need this stuff to remove it. It’s stinky!

Cricut Maker and Air 2 – I keep my eye out for a good deal on machines. You never know. I have seen some awesome deals.

Cricut Pens – Yes, I do use these and they aren’t cheap. Keep your eye out for a good deal. I try to only buy Cricut because I have gotten home and they didn’t fit. Ugh

Cricut Cuttlebug – I love this machine. It creates cool designs on paper so I can make awesome cards. It embosses and cuts paper like butter. Keep watching for a good price.

Cricut Tools from Amazon

Ok…that is my list that I watch all the time. Amazon has tons of other Cricut tools, just make sure it really is a good deal.

Have a great day and get out there and craft!!!

My Cricut Tool Deals I watch on Amazon
My Cricut Tool Deals I watch on Amazon