My Cricut Tools from Amazon

My Cricut Tools from Amazon

Cricut tools are so important and I get mine from all over the place. Check out what Cricut tool deals I watch for on Amazon.

You will need a few tools for your Cricut to begin with, and then you can build from there.

You must have a Cricut cutting mat. Sometimes a mat comes with your machine, but if not, buy one soon.

What are my MUST HAVES for beginners? Green Cricut mat (standard grip), Cricut EasyPress (any size), teflon sheets (for EasyPress), weeding tools, vinyl, heat transfer vinyl (for clothes), card stock (for cards).

These things will give you a good place to start and be able to try different mediums with your Cricut. Below are links to Amazon for tools. Some are my favs, some are Cricut Brand, but not necessarily my favs. Choose wisely.

Buy Now Cricut Maker

Cricut Cutting Mats (Green)– I find some really good deals on mats on Amazon. The last ones I ordered this week were 3 for around $20. I like that deal.

Generic Cutting Mats – Feels and looks the same. Works great!

Official Cricut Weeding Tools – These are tools from Cricut. Not my favorite, but they work. My favorite is below.

Cricut Weeding Tool – No…this isn’t the official tool, but its the one that I really like. I use all of them in this group, but the curved tweezers are my favorite.

Generic Cricut Weeding Tools – These are just as good at a reduced price.

Teflon Sheets for Ironing – I use these all the time with HTV. I feel much safer knowing there is something between my iron and vinyl.

Cricut EasyPress – I am in love with my EasyPress. It is one item I would buy again and again. There are now several sizes, check out which one is right for your projects. Check out the EasyPress Travel Suitcase from Cricut.

Cricut EasyPress Mini – I didn’t think I would use this much. Boy was I wrong! I probably use this more than the bigger one. This tool is a must have!

Official Cricut EasyPress Mat – These are from Cricut.

Generic EasyPress Mat – They have different sizes which is great for the new EasyPress sizes.

Vinyl – Sometimes I can find great deals on vinyl. I almost always try to buy name brand vinyl though. That way I know it will be good vinyl. Don’t buy the cheap stuff. You will hate it!

VLR Vinyl Remover – If you make a mistake with HTV iron on, you will need this stuff to remove it. It’s stinky!

Cricut Maker 3 – This is the newest version of the Cricut machines. It cuts the same things as the Maker. It has a few new options as well, but not sure it’s worth the money…yet.

Cricut Maker – A step up from the Air 2. It cuts a few more things and has different blades. Its worth the money.

Cricut Explore Air 2 – This is the older version, but still a great machine. I keep my eye out for a good deal on this machine. You never know, I have seen some awesome deals.

Cricut Pens – Yes, I do use these and they aren’t cheap. Keep your eye out for a good deal. I try to only buy Cricut because I have gotten home and they didn’t fit. Ugh

Cricut Cuttlebug – I love this machine. It creates cool designs on paper so I can make awesome cards. It embosses and cuts paper like butter. Keep watching for a good price.

Cricut Tools from Amazon

Ok…that is my list that I watch all the time. Amazon has tons of other Cricut tools, just make sure it really is a good deal.

Have a great day and get out there and craft!!!

Bren with Addicted to Cricut