making stickers with cricut

Making Stickers with Cricut

Have you made vinyl stickers with your Cricut? I know all of us have thought about making stickers with our Cricut machine, but it sounds intimidating. On taking a closer look at how it’s done, I can see that making stickers really is easy with the right tools.

Making Stickers with the Cricut Machine – The Video

Make Stickers with Cricut

Making stickers with my Cricut Maker was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Basically, I bought waterproof printable sticker paper from Amazon, printed my design in my HP printer, then my Cricut Maker cut them out. That was it!

Steps to make Stickers with Cricut

First make your image the way you want. If you want to upload an image, that is fine too. Since this is a Print and Cut, you can use images with lots colors for this project. I created mine from scratch, but you can follow the same steps for an image you like and want to create into stickers.

I started mine with a square with rounded edges that I found in Cricut images, as you can see above. This was a special order sticker, so I needed to do it exactly like he wanted.

I made the first square white and it served as the Offset for the sticker. I grabbed another square with rounded edges for the inside and changed the color.

I found the Missouri state in the Cricut images and didn’t have to change it at all.

The font took a bit longer to find and it’s not perfect, but it is close.

Once I got it all done like he wanted, I attached it all and then Flattened it.

Stickers have to be flattened for Cricut to understand what actions it needs to take. Since mine was several layers, I didn’t want Cricut to cut layers on the inside, just the outline of my image. When you flatten your image, this is what Cricut will do.

The Flatten icon is on the bottom right on my computer and under the Actions icon on your phone or tablet.

Printing the Sticker

Now that the sticker is completed and I have flattened it, I just click Make it. Once it sends you over there, you can see it’s ready to be made. You don’t need to mirror this project.

Click Continue and it sends you to the Print and Cut page. Now you will see a green button that says, Send to Printer. Click that button. Make sure your printer preferences are on Gloss Presentation Paper and the best quality. I had to leave the Cricut app and go to my printer preferences to do this. Some printers let you do it right in the Cricut app.

I practiced printing the sticker first on regular printer paper, just to make sure it was lining up right and it all looked good. When you are ready, load your waterproof printable vinyl sticker paper into your printer. Make sure you know how your printer feeds so you lay the vinyl in the right way. Mine feeds so that I needed to lay the the vinyl face down. Check yours by writing on one side of a sheet of paper and then feeding it through your printer.

I even put a note on my printer reminding me how it feeds, see below for my note. I will forget every time if I don’t put a note on the printer.

Making Stickers with Cricut

Cutting Stickers in Cricut

Now it’s time to put the sticker paper that has been printed on your Cricut mat. Just lay it on the mat like normal. I put a piece of printer paper over it and then used my brayer roller to make sure it was stuck to the mat well.

Then I fed it into the Cricut, just like we always do. Now is the time to choose what type of vinyl it will cut. Click on Browse Materials (see above image) and then type in “Printable Sticker Paper”. Once you see it in the line up, click on it. Now Cricut knows what it will be cutting and what depth to cut it at. Now go back to your Cricut machine and click the button that starts the cutting.

This sticker will be cut all the way through, not just the vinyl, but the paper underneath as well. It’s not like the sheets of stickers you buy at the store. This worked fine for my project because they were large and he wanted them separate.

Once your Cricut machine is finished cutting it, take it off the mat and it should be done.

making stickers with cricut

This is the finished sticker. It only cut the outside and nothing on the inside, just like I told it to do.

I did spray a seal on the top because I know my client wants to use these on beverage coolers and I wanted to add another layer to protect the printer ink.

Ok, this was super easy. Go make some stickers of your own.

Have a happy crafting day!

Bren with Addicted to Cricut