How To Make Cricut Mats Sticky Again

Is your problem how to make Cricut mats sticky again? Then you are not alone.

UPDATE: I used the Spray N Bond on my first mat that needed to be made sticky again. It seemed to work at first, but the longer I used that mat, the crunchier the Spray Bond got. It got so bad that I finally threw that mat away. So don’t use Spray N Bond.

In an effort to keep our Cricut mats clean, sometimes we lose the stickiness we need for the project we are working on to stick to the mat. That is the secret sauce to Cricut, the mat holds the project firmly while it is being cut or whatever.

There are so many ideas for making the Cricut mat sticky again and I believe that any of them will work. Here is a list that I collected of ideas I have read:
Make Cricut Mats Sticky Again Product

  • Zig2way Glue
  • Purple Repositional Elmer’s Glue Sticks​
  • Spray N Bond

These are all repositional glue spray or glue stick. They are just an example of products that I know will work safely. Any product that is created to make something tacky and not a permanent hold will work.

After I cleaned my mat, (you can find my video here to clean your Cricut mat or read the post here) I let it dry and then taped off the edges.

In the video I used packing tape because I couldn’t find my painters tape. It worked fine, so use what you have. No sense in running off to the store just for tape. I taped all the edges and up over the number or ruler. Wherever I don’t put my vinyl or paper, I covered with tape so it wouldn’t be sticky.

Next I covered the area I was working on with a plastic bag. I was working on my stove top and really didn’t want that to be sticky.

Then I just lightly sprayed the entire area until I could see it was covered. I came back 3 times and sprayed it again because I didn’t like the tackiness of the mat until after the 3rd time I sprayed it.

It was fast and easy, check it out on the video I made while doing it to my mat.

After all this I do need to say that you don’t have to make your Cricut mat sticky again. You can purchase extra mats. I have 2 extra just as a fall back plan for myself. They really aren’t expensive. Amazon has them here 2 for under $10. Check it out.

Now that your mat is clean and sticky again…it’s time to go create more exciting projects.

Happy Crafting!