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How To Make Cricut Mats Sticky Again

We all wonder how to make Cricut mats sticky again once you have used them a few times. Don’t worry…it’s really easy.

In an effort to keep our Cricut mats clean, sometimes we lose the stickiness we need for the project we are working on to stick to the mat. That is the secret sauce to Cricut, the mat holds the project firmly while it is being cut or whatever.

There are so many ideas for making the Cricut mat sticky again and I believe that any of them will work. Here is a list that I collected of ideas I have read:

  • Zig2way Glue (NOT GREAT)
  • Purple Repositional Elmer’s Glue Sticks​ (YUCK)
  • Spray N Bond (DOUBLE YUCK)
  • Awesome Spray Cleaner from Dollar General or Amazon (PERFECT)

Spray and Bond. First I tried the Spray and Bond. DON’T DO THAT! At first it was really good. It was clean and sticky again. But each time I used it it felt brittle and it got worse over the next few weeks.

Awesome Spray Cleaner. Everyone says to use Awesome Spray Cleaner from Dollar General and they are right. It is the best way to clean your Cricut mat and bring it back to the stickiness that you need for your projects. 2 steps in 1. Clean and recondition and ready to use again.

After all this I do need to say that you don’t have to make your Cricut mat sticky again. You can purchase extra mats. I have 2 extra just as a fall back plan for myself. They really aren’t expensive. Amazon has them here 2 for under $10. Check it out.

Cricut Maker

Now that your mat is clean and sticky again…it’s time to go create more exciting projects.

Happy Crafting!

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