Kerning in Design Space

Kerning in Design Space will help you make your pretty cursive font beautiful and perfect every time with your Cricut Machine. It’s fast and easy!

Before Kerning in Design Space

Before Cricut came out with Kerning in Design Space, we had to do the kerning ourselves. It could be a very long process in every project. We had to move one letter at a time until the touched and then we had to weld them together to make them all one piece.

Kerning isn’t a new term. It means the space between the text. Up to this point, we have been able to move the text closer together manually. Now when you use cursive font, if the Kerning box is checked, it will automatically kern your text.

So let’s learn Kerning in Cricut Design Space!

Cricut Kerning

Go to Cricut Design Space and add some text to your canvas. It doesn’t matter what it is, we are just playing.

Now choose a cursive font you like. Does it magically all fit together like normal cursive should? That is the power of kerning in Cricut Design Space!

Now let me show you how to manipulate it.

Click on the text in your canvas, and then click on the font name. Now look to the right on the font tool bar. There should be a new box titled Only Kerned Fonts. Look at the image above. The box is green.

This is the box you can click and unclick to get your desired font kerned or not. But what I have found is that it didn’t really matter if that box is checked or not, when I choose a cursive font, it always shows up all put together like it’s suppose to look. Which is sweet! But if you click the box, ONLY kerning fonts will show up in your search.

The box is clicked ON as a default. So far I haven’t found a way to turn that default feature off yet, but I will keep looking.

The Bad Side of Kerning in Design Space

There always has to be a bad side to any updates.

First of all, make sure you Cricut Design Space app on your computer is updated to version V6 or higher to get the new kerning feature.

Second, as of right now, this feature only works on computers. No tablets or phones will be able to use the kerning in Design Space. But I am confident that it will come soon. They were eager to roll out this much needed feature as soon as they could.

Third, your saved projects will not update to kerned fonts. If you want to use the kerning for your older projects, you will have to redo the text completely. It’s a pain, but it may be worth it in the end.

It seems like Cricut may have introduced a few new fonts with this update as well, especially for the kerning feature in Design Space. They featured 4 new fonts they were excited to use in a video I watched from them. Here they are:

Bickley, Bayamo, Embassy, and Lana Jane. Here they are just in case you are curious.

font kerning

All of them are really nice cursive fonts. I think Bickley is my favorite so far.

Cricut Maker

Have a Happy Crafting Day and go play with the new feature, Kerning in Design Space.

Bren with Addicted to Cricut