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How to Identify a Font from a Picture

So many people ask me every day, “What is this font?”

Learn how to identify a font from a picture for your Cricut Design Projects. It’s easy!

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How to Identify Fonts from a Picture | What Font Is this?

How to Identify a Font from a Picture – The Video

How to Identify a Font from a Picture

There are many ways to identify a front from a picture. The first thing I would try is go to the professionals.

There are online font matcherators that are computer software created just to match font. Here are a few that I tried in the video.

All you do to use either of those free sites is upload a picture you took of the font you like. I have a tool that I use in Chrome called Microsoft Snipping Tool. Google it and download the free program. I pin it to the bottom of my dashboard so it’s easy to use.

I take a snip of the fonts I want to identify, save them on my desktop and then I can use that to find out what the font name is and where to find it.

Another Way to Know How to Identify a Font

I also use a free font site called Dafont. I go to it, choose a style of font and then I actually put in the text that I want to copy. This way I can find exactly what I am looking for easily FREE.

How to Identify a Font from a Picture
How to Identify a Font from a Picture

Type exactly the phrase you want to write. This way you can see the words in the font that you choose. I love this feature!

How to identify a font

Now you can see your text in each font. How cool is that?

This will help you identify the font you are looking for. Yes, it takes time, but knowing the names of fonts isn’t easy. So when you ask “What font is this?”, chances are, no one will know.

But the good thing about spending time finding a font in DaFont is they are FREE. I love free!

While you are there, download lots of other free fonts you may want to work with on later projects.

How to Identify a Font on your Phone

If you want to use your phone to identify a font, try using one of these apps.

Apple App Store

  • What The Font
  • Find My Font
  • What Font?

Google Play

  • What The Font
  • Find My Font

How To Identify a Font Using a Facebook Group

Sometimes you just can’t find what you are looking for, so using a Facebook group that specializes in this field might be the answer. Try these groups:

  • What Font Is This? This group is run by the team behind FontBundles. They love to help you identify a font .
  • What FONT is this? Another huge group full of font lovers waiting to help you identify a font.

I know…two groups with the same name. How confusing. Just type in the name and you will see both groups.

It Was Easy Learning How to Identify a Font….Right?

That wasn’t as hard as you thought. You can learn how to identify a font all by yourself and now go on to create amazing projects….just like the Pros.

Ok..time for you to go out there and create Cricut projects for your home or gifts for your loved ones.

Happy Crafting!