Edit Images in Cricut Design Space

I have been trying to figure out the trick of how to edit images in Cricut Design Space.

I usually end up leaving Cricut Design Space for another program to do my edits on and then bring the edited image back to Cricut Design Space.

But no more! I have finally figured the tricks to edit images in Cricut Design Space.

Learn how to edit images in Cricut Design Space. Fast and easy!

How To Edit Images in Design Space Video

Here is a video of how I was doing it, and what I learned today. Both are good and both have their place in the editing process.

Editing Images in Cricut Design Space Using the Slice Tool

I was using the Slice tool to help me edit images in Cricut Design Space. I will probably still use that process for images that I already have uploaded to Cricut Design Space.

Let me explain how I do use the Slice tool to edit images.

How to edit images in Cricut Design Space using the Slice tool.

1. Add your uploaded image to your canvas in Cricut Design Space by clicking on the image and then clicking Insert Images. You have the option of adding more than one image at a time to your canvas.

2. Make your image a little bit bigger so you can work on it by clicking on the right bottom corner and dragging it down a bit. Just far enough so you can see it better.

3. In the picture I uploaded, I want to get rid of the dog. I don’t see any erase option on the canvas, so I am going to cut the dog out using the Slice tool. Click on Shapes in the left side tool box, then click on the square.

4. Unlock the square by clicking on the left bottom circle below the square. Do you see lock icon? Click on it. Now you can move the square in any shape you want by using the right bottom circle. I put the square over the part I was to erase, the dog.

5. With the square being clicked or highlighted; on your keyboard press and hold the shift button. With your mouse click the bubble image, well, bubble for me. This highlights them both.

6. With both the square and the image highlighted, click the Slice tool on the bottom right corner.

7. Start pulling away the pieces of your slice. There should be 3 pieces. You can delete them.

8. Continue this process till your image is edited the way you want.

That is how I edit images in Cricut Design Space with the Slice tool.

Editing Images in Cricut Design Space When Image is Uploaded

1. You will need to upload an image from your computer for this process to work. Once you upload it, click complex and the next window is where the magic happens.

2. On the top left corner…do you see the wand? Click on it and then click on her hair. Then click continue and name the image. Click save.
Learn how to edit images in Cricut Design Space when you upload them. Fast and easy!

It’s gone and it really was that easy. Now, let’s take care of her body.

3. I need to upload her again. This time I will work on erasing the body. First click on the magic wand again to erase the face, arms, body and any parts that are harder to get to. Once you have that done, grab the eraser to clean up the rest of the body till it is gone.
Learn how to edit images in Cricut Design Space. Fast and Easy!

When the image is to your liking, click continue, name your image and then click save.

Insert both images on to your Cricut Design Space canvas. Once you have them there you can put them back together.

One reason I am excited about this process is because sometimes I want to change things, like the hair color. If I left the image like it was I couldn’t edit the hair color.

But now I can.
Learn how to edit images in Cricut Design Space. Fast and Easy!

Are you as excited as I am to learn how to Edit Images in Cricut Design Space? I hope so.

Now, go forth and craft!

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Happy Crafting!

P.S. Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.  AddictedToCricut@outlook.com