DIY Tote Bag Tutorial

Learn how to create your own Spring Tote bag with iron-on vinyl and a Cricut Maker. So fast and easy!

I chose a very spring-like pattern because I am ready for spring after this long hard winter. I found this pattern called Spring Bloom on Etsy, so it was super easy to use with my Cricut Maker.

Spring Tote Bag Perfect for any activity.

I am not sure where I got my canvas tote bag, but Amazon has one that looks very similar and it comes in a 3-pack. I love that! Check them out here.

Vinyl for DIY Tote Bag

I used iron-on vinyl I had in my craft closet. The teal flower was originally light purple. But I didn’t have that, so I chose another color I liked just as well.

Once I had the canvas tote bag measured, I adjusted the size of my Etsy image to fit. Some of the pieces were too long for my 12 inch mat and I was too lazy to get the longer one, so I sliced them in half to fit them on the mat I was using.

If you are not sure how to use the Slice tool in Cricut Design Space, please check out my blog post on how to use the Slice tool in Cricut Design Space.

Ready to Cut Tote Bag Vinyl

Once I had the image sized and the longer pieces sliced, I cut the iron-on vinyl like normal, of course remembering to mirror every piece.

I weeded the pieces and then ironed them on the canvas tote bag. I did make sure to press the tote bag with my Cricut Easy Press, just to make sure the wrinkles were flat.

Apply the Vinyl on the Tote Bag

I layered each piece starting with the grass, then the first part of the word Bloom. Then I moved on to the flowers and the last part of the word Bloom. Last was the butterflies.

It really came together so easy and quick. I think it took me longer to pick out the vinyl colors than it did to heat-press them on the canvas tote bag. I love it!

Ok…now it is your turn. Go forth and craft!

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