DIY Monogrammed Leather Tote Bags with Cricut

Learn how to monogram leather tote bags with Cricut to create personalized bags. Fast and easy!

Can You Monogram a Leather Tote Bag?

I asked everyone if you can monogram a leather tote bag with HTV(Heat Transfer Vinyl) and the Cricut?

No one said yes. So I took it as a challenge to try. It worked beautifully!!!!

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Everyone said they did it on vinyl bags or canvas bags, but they never tried to  monogram on leather tote bags.

My sister had given me this really nice leather tote bag but I just wasn’t thrilled with the look of it.  I love the feel of it though; soft, supple, luxuriant leather.

My grandfather was a leather worker, so the smell of good leather takes me back to his shop.

Anyway, I didn’t like it so I tucked it away in my closet till another day. Well, another day came when I decided to monogram it with HTV vinyl and my Cricut machine.

I was worried I would burn it or scorch it, but dove right in not caring what happened. As it was, it wasn’t being used anyway.


How I Made the Monogram

Let me take you into Cricut Design Space and show you what I did to create a monogram with Cricut.  Watch this…..

That’s it. I used Gold Confetti Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl from Swing Design for this monogrammed leather bag and I think it turned out great!

You can create a monogram on Cricut Design Space, cut it out with your Cricut machine, and put it on any bag, tote or purse you want. Leather, canvas, or pleather…it really can all be monogrammed with your name or phrase. The sky is the limit.

You Need Steady Betty to Monogram Leather Bags

What is a Steady Betty? I showed her in the video; she is my ironing pad. She is lightweight, but takes the heat I dish out at her. She fits perfectly in the leather bags I have worked on. I find I even use her for ironing my clothes when I need a touch up.

I like my Steady Betty better than most, and even Cricuts iron pad because it has a thin piece of wood inside the mat. This allows me to press firmly on it and not be worried about what is underneath.

I actually use her on all my projects that I use heat transfer vinyl to leather; or really any HTV projects I do.

I Used My Cricut Easy Press On Leather

Who knew you could iron leather? I didn’t! I am so excited about using my Cricut Easy Press on my monogrammed leather tote bag. It works so well and makes any HTV projects so easy.

I wrote a post about all the reasons that I love this craft iron. Check out my post on the Cricut Easy Press here.

Happy Crafting!

Monogrammed Leather Tote Bags with Cricut
Monogrammed Leather Tote Bags with Cricut
How to monogram a Leather Tote with HTV | Use Cricut to monogram leather tote |