DIY Doormats with Cricut

DIY Doormats with Cricut

If you want to learn how to create your own DIY doormats using your Cricut machine, this is the blog post for you. 

You can learn from my trials and errors….and there were a lot of them.

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What I Tried in Making DIY Doormats with Cricut

I watched the videos. I read the blog posts. 

I tried Stencil Vinyl. I tried regular vinyl. What a joke!

I tried Contact Paper. Ultimate Fail!

I tried Parchment paper, wax paper, and freezer paper. They all failed me. It looked so easy in the videos.

My Success in Making DIY Doormats with Cricut

So what worked for me in making DIY Doormats with Cricut? 

HTV or iron on vinyl and Watercolor pad. These are the two stencil materials that I found worked really well. They both produced crisp lines with no paint fly over.

I get my mats at Ikea, but I know not everyone has one near them. They do have them right here at Home Depot and Target. Not as cheap as Ikea, but still a good doormat. 

I used Flex Seal spray paint because I think it will wear better on the front door step. It comes in colors now, so that makes it even better. Although, black is good for the front door.

Making DIY Doormats with Cricut and HTV Vinyl

Here is a good picture of me using the HTV. I first ironed it on there. 

Yes, you heard me right. I used my Cricut EasyPress and ironed it on the mat just like I would a shirt. I even used my Teflon paper on top so I wouldn’t get paint on my iron.

First, I cut the HTV vinyl out on the card stock setting. Actually, one little tick past card stock. I wanted it to cut all the way through the vinyl and the backer sheet. I felt this might give it a bit more substance on the mat. Not be so flimsy. Does that make sense? 

Then I sprayed the Flex Seal spray paint in light spurts all over the vinyl. I did two coats to make sure it was covered. I think it looks great.

Removing the melted vinyl from the mat wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. But I do suggest waiting till the paint is dry. I removed it before it was dry and I did drip in a few places on the mat. Good thing it was my practice mat.

Making DIY Doormats with Cricut and Watercolor Pad Paper

I am really happy at how well the Watercolor Pad Paper did as a stencil.

The stencil is really crisp and clear. But the fact that I used a stencil font made it much easier to achieve this effect. If I had to have pinned all the insides of the e’s and o’s, it might not have ended up so crisp.

Once I have it secure with pins and cover sheets, it’s time to paint. I usually do 2 coats of paint. 

Making DIY Doormats with Cricut – The Video

I decided to go ahead and show you how I did each of these materials on the mat, especially since it is just my practice mat. I hope this is helpful to you.

What I Learned While Making DIY Doormats with Cricut

I learned that I am not stupid and that I can do this too. 

After watching so many videos and reading so many blog posts, I truly was beginning to think I was an idiot. 

But now I see that the materials you use in making DIY doormats with your Cricut machine is important. You need to find what works for you. 

Some of the materials were so flimsy that it was more like fighting an octopus rather than trying to put vinyl on the doormat. 

So I think it does matter that the material be something of substance, like the Watercolor Pad sheets or the HTV that you can actually iron on and then remove.

If I had to choose between the two, I think I would use the Watercolor Pad before the HTV because of cost. But otherwise, they are both easy to use. 

Now that you know MY secrets to DIY Doormats with Cricut…..get out there and make one for yourself or as a gift.  They are fast and fun!

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DIY Doormats with Cricut | Personalized Doormats with Cricut | Learn from my mistakes how to make doormats with Crictu
DIY Doormats with Cricut | Personalized Doormats with Cricut | Learn from my mistakes how to make doormats with Cricut