Cricut Weld vs Cricut Attach

Cricut Weld vs Cricut Attach

Get ready to learn the difference between Cricut Weld vs Cricut Attach in just a few minutes and never stress again about which one to use.

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What Is The Difference Between Cricut Weld & Cricut Attach?

Recently a friend asked me what the difference was between Cricut Weld & Cricut Attach. I had to really think about that question. But it made me realize that I needed to understand that a little better too. Now I am sharing that information with you.

Cricut Weld vs Cricut Attach Video

Cricut Weld and Cricut Attach are two different things, but they sound similar. Weld and Attach, one sounds permanent and the other sounds temporary. In this video, I explain to you the difference between Weld and Attach, and give you an example of how they work. They CAN work together, but we don’t always need them together.


Cricut Weld vs Cricut Attach 

Welding in Cricut is an essential tool. It takes 2 things, whether it’s 2 objects or an object and text, and makes them one. It’s just like real-life welding…taking two items and welding them together so they are permanently one.

This is really important if you are cutting out fancy text and you want it all to be one piece and not separate letters. You will see the cuts between the letters. Not Good. So use the Weld option for this.

Caution – If you are welding text, make the text you are Welding big. Sometimes, and I don’t know why when you weld it will fill in the circles in all black. Like the center of letters. We don’t want that.

So I have fixed that, sort of, by making the text big, welding it, then resizing the text where I need it after it’s been Welded.

If you want to use the Slice feature, then you will need Weld too. You can only slice 2 objects, so if you have several objects that you want to slice a word into, you will need to Weld the objects together so they are now one object. You will need to weld the letters together if you want to slice them as well.

Remember -Welding in Cricut is permanent once you save your project. You can un-weld if you haven’t saved it yet. I love that feature.

I use Cricut Attach when I want to tell Cricut that “I want this object and text to sit just like this”. Otherwise, Cricut will try to save your material by moving the objects and text around on the cutting mat. But I know that when I create a project I usually want it cut exactly like the design. Attach is perfect for this.

There ya go. I hope that helps make your projects easier in Cricut Design Space.

If you have other questions, please leave a comment and I will try to answer them.

Happy Crafting!!!

Cricut Weld vs Cricut Attach | Weld vs Attach

Cricut Weld vs Cricut Attach | Weld vs Attach