Cricut Weld vs Cricut Attach

What Is The Difference Between Cricut Weld vs Cricut Attach?

Recently a friend asked me what the difference was between Cricut Weld vs Cricut Attach. Great question!
Cricut Design Space Weld vs Attach | How to weld in Cricut Design Space | How to Attach in Cricut Design Space

Cricut Weld and Cricut Attach are two different things, but they sound similar. In this video I explain to you the difference and give you an example of how they work.

They CAN work together, but we don’t always need them together.

Welding text in Cricut is easy to do as well. Move all your letters close enough that they touch and then put a box around them and weld them together.

I don’t usually choose to do it this way because welding text in Cricut is permanent.

I choose Cricut attach which gives me the same connected text, but if I change my mind, I can easily change that text without starting over.

There ya go. I hope that helps make your projects easier in Cricut Design Space.

If you have other questions, please leave a comment and I will try to answer them.

Happy Crafting!!!

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