Cricut Project Organizer

What is a Cricut Project Organizer? It’s a journal or log of your Cricut projects. It’s kind of like your very own Cricut Diary.

I wish someone had told me to keep a journal of all my Cricut projects from the very beginning. Keeping track of the fonts I used or the colors or even the sizes would have been such a helpful thing. But I didn’t know at the time that this would be important to me later. But now I do.

I have played the sticky note game with sticky notes all over my desk with fonts and colors I am trying out for a new project. But I am done with that now. That drove me crazy. Most of the time I wouldn’t even write which project it was for, so later it was useless.

My Crafter’s Journal for Cricut

So I created for myself a Cricut Journal. First I started with just a blank tablet, but I found that I wasn’t organized enough to keep the information in an way that I could easily go back and find what I needed.

Realizing that wouldn’t work for me, I decided to create my own Cricut Journal. Of course, I couldn’t name it “Cricut Journal” because I don’t own that name. But ALL crafters need to journal their work and keep it organized, so I named it Crafter’s Journal.

I wanted all my project pages to be uniform so I could easily find each piece of information when I went back to that project. I added my favorite “cheat sheets” in the back so I didn’t have to go looking for them each time I needed them. Like what blade to use or what vinyl is right for what project.

I left space for my favorite font combinations and my favorite vendors that I buy supplies from online. There is a place for notes, and a wish list.

My Favorite Feature of my Crafter’s Journal

My favorite feature of my Cricut project organizer, besides the fonts and colors, is the place I made to write notes about each project. What I did right and what I did wrong and what I would change the next time. This have proved so helpful.

After using my Crafter’s Journal myself, I decided it was so valuable to me that I needed to share it with all my Cricut friends.

So here it is….


I have used my Cricut project organizer for a few months now, and I am in love with it. I keep it by my side all the time and grab it anytime I change a project or want to remember a font I loved on one project that I now want to use on another.

If you think this may help you as well, my Crafter’s Journal is available at Amazon. Please feel free to go over there and look at all the pages up close and in real time.

I really hope you get as much joy out of this book as I have.

Happy Crafting!

Bren with Addicted to Cricut