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My Cricut Mat Is Too Sticky | How Do I Make it Less Sticky

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Are you wondering why your Cricut mat is too sticky? I found a few tricks to take care of that.

Why Is My Cricut Mat Is Too Sticky?

I hear this complaint all the time and I have experienced it too. What can we do if our Cricut mat is too sticky?

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Help! My Cricut mat is too sticky. Have you ever experienced your Cricut mat being too stick? I sure have and it has ruined a few projects. So how do I make my Cricut mat less sticky. I have a really simple and FREE way to make this happen. #Cricut #Cricut101 #CricutForBeginners #CricutProjects #CricutTutorials

At first I thought I was doing something wrong.

I love how the Cricut machine cuts card stock into great shapes, but it’s hard to peel card stock from the Cricut Explore mat when it’s too sticky.

When my Cricut mat is too sticky the card stock comes off but leaves all the pieces you just cut out and stuck to the mat. That is exactly what I didn’t want to happen.

Now you have 3 options.

1 – scrape your mat to get all the pieces off and it creates a sticky mess like when you are peeling price tags off glass. It doesn’t make for pretty cut out pieces either.

2 – Buy a new Cricut Mat. Sometimes I mess them up so bad I do buy a new one. Ugh

3- Condition Your Mat

Not my favorite part of my Cricut experience so far.

Conditioning Your Cricut Explore Mat If It’s Too Sticky

I found out later that you need to condition the Cricut Explore mat before you use it or you will get an icky mess like I did in the picture above.

The magic of the Cricut machine is the fact that the material you are cutting or writing on, stays put while it is being cut. That is the reason the mat is designed sticky or tacky. But if can be too sticky…for sure.

Prepare your Cricut mats before you use them to avoid my mistakes.

I did get all the card stock off my mat  but was left with a very messed up mat.

New Cricut Explore Mat vs Dirty Cricut Explore mat

How Do You Condition Your Mat?

It’s so simple, you won’t believe it.

  1. Grab an old tee shirt of your hubbies.
  2. Wad it up in a ball.
  3. Dab it all over the new Cricut Explore mat.
  4. Repeat until lint has coated the mat just a little bit.

We still want some stickiness, just not too much. Use your hand to gauge the stickiness.

That’s it!  No expensive chemical or item that you need to buy. It’s really that easy… this video to see how I do it.

Cleaning Your Cricut Mat

If you already messed up your Cricut Mat, no worries. You can clean it or go buy new ones. I have done both. New Cricut mats are around $10, so when I messed up my first Cricut mat I did clean it, but I also bought new ones.

Cricut Mat Too Sticky | How to make Cricut Mat less sticky | How to condition Cricut Mats

Green Regular Grip Cricut Mat – If you have completely messed your new mat up like me, head on over here and grab another.

Blue Lite Grip Cricut Mat – While I was at it, I grabbed a Blue Lite Grip Cricut Mat because I knew I would need it.

Purple Strong Grip Cricut Mat –  This mat is perfect for specialty cardstock, glitter cardstock, chipboard, and fabric with stiffener. It’s Cricuts longest-lasting mat, featuring double-life adhesive technology.

Happy Crafting!!!

Is Your Cricut Mat Too Sticky ?
Is Your Cricut Mat Too Sticky ?

HELP! My Cricut Mat is too Sticky

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