Cricut Maker Blade Storage

Cricut Maker Blade Storage

Cricut Maker blade storage can be a problem. Cricut has given us so many blade options, (which I am not complaining about) but we don’t know how to store them.

Worry no more, I have found several good options for blade storage. You can make your own, or purchase one. Either way, your Cricut blades will be organized and ready to use.

Cricut Maker Blade Storage

Let’s start with some you can make yourself. I love DIYs! Below is a picture of the one I made for my Cricut Maker. It’s not professional, but I love it!

DIY Cricut Maker Blade Storage Tutorial

What you will need for this project:

  • 2 Craft Foam Sheets
  • Cricut Rotary Blade
  • Flannel Cut Setting

Inside Cricut Design Space there are templates ready for you to make. The one I chose was really easy and fast. I was surprised at how easy it was.

Cricut Maker Blade Storage

The one I chose called for 2 craft Foam Sheets, which I bought at the local craft shop for less than a dollar each. I also needed the Rotary Blade and then I used the Flannel setting.

I found the Cricut Maker Blade Storage template in Cricut Design Space. To find one you like click on “Projects” on the canvas, then change the search to “Cricut Community”, and then search for blade organizer. See how I did that below.

Cricut Maker Blade Storage

Several templates came up, but I had to find one in English. The one I found and used is called “Cricut Tool Organizer”. There is a picture of it above…scroll up a little. Sometimes it’s easier for me to find things with a picture to go off of.

Click on the template, then choose at the bottom “Edit a Copy”. This way you can set up the cutting preferences. If you click “Make It”, it takes you immediately to the cutting area, which is fine if you are ready for that. I usually need to edit the design, so I always choose Edit a copy.

When the Cricut Maker Blade Storage template is loaded on my canvas, each piece was a different color. I wanted to cut them all together, so I changed all the colors to one color and that worked perfectly. It took 2 mats to cut all the layers.

Cricut Maker Blade Storage

To change the colors, click on one of the pieces, then go up in the left-hand corner next to Cut. Click the drop-down box next to the word Cut. Choose any color, it won’t matter in the end because your foam color is what color it will be.

Put the foam sheets on the mat, just like we normally do. I used an old mat with not much stickiness left. It seemed to hold the foam sheet just fine.

Remember to set the Cricut to the Flannel setting. Now you are ready to cut.

After its all cut, I numbered each piece with a pen so I would know how to put it together. They all go on top of each other.

Cricut Maker Blade Storage

Can you see my numbers on the bottom right-hand side of each piece? They are cut upside down, so you won’t see them when it’s all done.

Be gentle when you weed it, the foam is fragile. It didn’t take long to get them all weeded, and it was actually a nice change from weeding vinyl. So soft and easy to get off.

Once it’s all cut and weeded, carefully remove it from the mat. Put each piece on top of each other in order, and turn it over. That’s it!

Cricut Maker Blade Storage

Here is mine all put together and inside the Cricut Maker tray. I wrote the names of each blade under it or to the side because I can’t remember all the names. This was the easiest way for me to label them, but you don’t have to do that.

Video Tutorial for Cricut Maker Blade Storage

I love to be able to watch a video tutorial. I work so much better from them. So in my honor….here is the video tutorial for the Cricut Maker Blade Storage.

Travel Cricut Maker Blade Storage

Cricut Maker Blade Storage

Amazon has this great Cricut Maker Blade Storage Organizer. This looks perfect for holding all the blades and quick swap tips as well. Plenty of room for new blades as they are released. It holds up to 30 blades…wow! If you need more blades, click here.

This next Cricut Maker Blade Storage idea is the same, but a little smaller. It will hold up to 18 blades or quick swap tips.

Cricut Maker Blade Storage

These are both perfect if you travel with your Cricut. I have traveled with mine. The blades are always the hardest thing to pack.

Desktop Cricut Blade Storage

A desktop Cricut Machine Tool Organizer is also a good choice. I really like this one because it has a special place for the quick swap tips to live in. Those guys could get lost quickly.

Cricut Maker Blade Storage

It holds up to 10 tool housings and 9 Quick swap tips. The lower part is for the tips and the tool housing hangs. I like that I can see what’s in there without having to open it.

Cricut Maker Blade Storage

This gives you several options for organizing your Cricut Maker blades. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

Now go have a happy crafting day!

Bren with Addicted to Cricut