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Cricut Easy Press

Learn what a Cricut EasyPress is and if you will need one for your Cricut projects.

What is a Cricut Easy Press?

Cricut Easy Press

There is a new and better iron in town girls, and it’s called the Cricut Easy Press.

It takes the guess work out of ironing your HTV(Heat Transfer Vinyl) vinyl on shirts or bags or whatever.

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What is a Cricut EasyPress | Cricut EasyPress | Do I need a Cricut EasyPress

The consistent pressure all over is wonderful. With my conventional iron I was never sure if I was pressing hard enough.

It has simple digital controls and comes with a quick reference app to make my iron on projects much easier. It really takes the guess work out of it.

There is a timer on it. I just click that button when I start and it counts down 30 seconds. No more guessing…did I do it long enough?

The Cricut Easy Press has its own base that it sits in. I love this feature because I never know what to do with my hot iron once I am done with it. If the grand kids are around it makes me so nervous. Well not any more. Check out this base!
Cricut Easy Press and Base

I put the hot iron right back into its base at 305 degrees and it never melts or anything, and I don’t have to be worried it will melt or burn something on my work table. So cool….I mean hot!

I didn’t do much HTV(Heat Transfer Vinyl) before I bought the Cricut Easy Press. I found HTV(Heat Transfer Vinyl) to be hard and I wasn’t secure in the results.

I bought the Cricut Easy Press and I love it so much. HTV(Heat Transfer Vinyl) vinyl has become my new favorite thing to use in my crafting. It makes iron on vinyl fast and easy.

Cricut Easy Press VS Tradition Home Iron

I love this picture where you can actually see the difference in the traditional iron and the Cricut Easy Press side by side and you can see how much more space the Cricut Easy Press covers.
Cricut EasyPress

You can see how the heat from the traditional iron isn’t consistent throughout the entire iron.

I need consistency in my crafting…don’t you?

What Have I Done With My Cricut Easy Press?

Here are a few of my Cricut Easy Press projects. I love doing them because they are so fast and easy now.

Cricut Easy Press Projects

Where Can You Buy a Cricut Easy Press? or Amazon are the two places I would go for them.

I know what you are asking…..Is the Cricut Easy Press REALLY a must-have for crafting? No.

Will you want one? Oh Yes You Will!!!

Sometimes Cricut is out of the Cricut Easy Press because they are so popular. That’s ok, Amazon usually has them too…most of the time. Jump over to Amazon to check if they have them available.

Ok..time for me to get back to crafting and you should too.

Happy Crafting!

Cricut Easy Press
Cricut Easy Press