Cricut Design Space App – PC or Tablet

Does the Cricut Design Space App run better on a PC or Tablet? This question recently came up in my Facebook Group. There is a big difference in what will run and what won’t on all of these devices. For me, the computer is the best to run Cricut Design Space, but I also have a tablet. So let’s break all this down.

Cricut Design Space iOS App vs Android

First of all, let’s look at the tablets. There are only a few features that work on the Cricut Design Space iOS app and don’t work on the PC or computer. I took a picture of them so you can see exactly which ones don’t work on the computer but do on the iPad. Photo Canvas, 3D Layer Visualization, Smart Guides, and SnapMat.

Cricut Design Space Tablet

The Android Tablet has a lot more features that DON’T work than do. Sorry to have to tell you that. So if you are working on an Android Tablet, you are missing a lot of great features that will make your work easier and a lot more fun. You can look at the full list to compare the two over at Cricuts website.

Cricut Design Space App Android

For me, some of these features are so important to me that I would get a PC or computer to run my Cricut Design Space app on. But I know several people that run the app on their phone or tablet and are fine. But it is nice to know what you are missing out on.

Requirements for iPad

There are certain System requirements to run the app on your tablet. Here is the requirements for the iPad.

Cricut Design Space Tablet

Requirements for Android

Here are the system requirements to run Cricut Design Space app on your Android tablet.

Cricut Design Space App Android

Requirements for PC Windows

The app does work well with PCs or computers with Windows software on it. This is what I use and I have never had any problem running the software. There are system requirements for it as well.

Cricut Design Space App Windows

Design Space is not supported on Chromebooks, or Unix / Linux Computers. So even though the Chromebooks look so cool in the commercials, just remember, you can’t run the Cricut Design Space app on it.

Requirements for Mac

The app does run on the Apple Mac and all the same things run on it that run on Windows. Here are the system requirements for an Apple Mac.

Cricut Design Space app Apple Mac

PC vs Tablet – The complete breakdown

Cricut Design Space app Andriod
cricut design space app

Pc vs Tablet for Cricut Design Space App

Which ever way you go, just be sure to read the requirements and know what features you will or won’t have available to you on that device.

I would recommend a PC or computer and a tablet. I love some of the features that are only available on the iPad and not on the computer. So I chose both. Just remember….no Chromebooks.

Cricut Maker

Happy Crafting!

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