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What is Chalk Paste?

Learning what Chalk Paste is and how to use it will be a game changer!

If you love DIY projects, but hate how long it takes to complete one, then you are going to love Chalk Paste. You can complete a DIY Home Decor project in literally minutes. I know what you are thinking…..she is crazy. Keep reading and be amazed!

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What Is Chalk Paste?

What exactly is Chalk Paste?

Very simply, chalk paste is a water-soluble crafting paste that goes on wet, dries hard and washes off nonporous surfaces with just water. You can apply it to other surfaces that are porous, but there may be residue that can’t be removed.

Magnolia Design Co Chalk Paste

Once the Chalk Paste is dry it will not smear or smudge and has a durable smooth finish. It can be layered and even written on once it’s dry.

Look at all those pretty colors! They are creating new colors all the time to add to their huge variety of chalk paste.

How do you use Chalk Paste?

What is Chalk Paste?

We use Chalk Paste along with our Chalk Stencils for a beautiful design every time. The Chalk Stencils are reusable and washable. So you can use the same transfer over and over again. Use them with just one color or add all the color you desire. Each project will be a unique design while using the same Chalk Stencil over and over.

While the Chalk Paste is wet add glitter for a real sparkle in your home decor project.

Don’t just use Chalk Paste on hard surfaces or wood, try it on metal or glass. There are so many options with Chalk Paste and the real beauty is if you aren’t happy with it, just wash it off.

Watch how easy Chalk Paste is to work with

It really is that easy to create beautiful home decor with Chalk Paste.

Where do you buy Chalk Paste?

You can buy it from me or you can join me as a creator and get your chalk paste supplies at 35% off. Yes….I said 35% off.

Smart crafters who join Magnolia Design Co for less than the cost of a trip to the craft store get all their MDC supplies at 35% off retail pricing! (And even turn it into a side income if you want!)

Are you ready to join?

Want to learn more? Read my blog post….What is Magnolia Design Co?

To shop Chalk Paste or Chalk Stencils – Magnolia Design Co.

Happy Crafting

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What is Chalk Paste
What is Chalk Paste
What is Chalk Paste