Text Basics

Text – Cricut Design Space Basics

Welcome to our Cricut Design Space Basic Series where we are breaking down all the features of Cricut Design Space, one feature at a time.

Today we will talk about the Text box. How to add text, edit, format, move, curve, align, ungroup and connect. Ready to learn? Let’s go!

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Text is so important in all the projects that we do. We use it to personalize projects and to say what is on our minds.

We like to use fun and pretty text, but how do you do that in Cricut Design Space? Let’s find out.

Create Beautiful Farmhouse signs using Text


Text – Cricut Design Space Basics Video

How to Add Text in Cricut Design Space?

The text feature or box is on the left hand side of your Cricut Design Space Canvas.

Text Basics

Click the T icon and a box will pop up. This is where you write what you want to say.

Text Basics

How to Edit Text in Cricut Design Space

At any time you can double click your text and the text box will pop up again so you can edit or change your text.

You can do this as often as you want. You don’t have to do this to change the font type though.

Working with Text and Fonts in Cricut Design Space

Text Basics

So, how do you change font in Cricut Design Space?

Once you have some text on the canvas, click on the text and then look in the left hand corner where it says Font. That is a list of all the fonts you have downloaded to your computer and the fonts that Cricut has pre-loaded in this program. Some are free, but not all.

Scroll through the fonts, click on one for your text to change. You can do this over and over until you find the perfect font.

I do recommend downloading on your computer a Font Manager. It will help you identify fonts much faster and easier than this program. Find out how to get a Font Manager and how to use it by reading my blog post “Organize Fonts with a Font Manager“.

You can also download free fonts. Find out where and how by reading my blog post “Upload Fonts to Cricut Design Space“.

You can also change the style of your font under the Style dropdown. I have a red arrow pointing to it in the above picture. This will let you choose Regular, Bold, and Italic.

The other thing you can change is the color of your text. In the above picture I have an arrow pointing to a black box. If you click on that box a drop-down box appears and you can choose a color.

How to Move a Text Box in Cricut Design Space

Once you have your text the way you want it, you can move it around where you want it on the canvas.

Click the text and the blue square will be around it. Hold your mouse down on the text box and drag the text to where you want it.

Formatting Fonts in Cricut Design Space

Text Basics

You can increase or decrease your text size two ways. One is by clicking the up or down arrow under the box Font Size.

The second way to format fonts is to click on the blue icon that looks like a lock. Once you click on it, it will unlock. Now click on the green icon to the right, hold it and move the text box to make the text taller or shorter or bigger.

You also have control over the space between the letters and the space between two lines of text.

Text Basics

To increase or decrease the Letter Space, click the up or down arrow in this box. You will need this for script writing to connect the letters.

To increase or decrease the Line Space, click the up or down arrow in this box. Many times if you have two lines of text you will want it much closer than the standard. This feature comes in handy.


How to Align Text in Cricut Design Space

Text Basics

Many times we have more than one line of text and we want it centered. Aligning text is easy. Click the Alignment drop down and you can align right, left and center. This comes in really handy.

How to Curve Text in Cricut Design Space

Text Basics

It is so simple and fun to curve text in Cricut Design Space. One thing to remember, if you have altered your text, like using the Letter Space feature, the curve feature may not work. So think about your text before you alter it. You can curve it and then alter it afterwards.

To curve your text, click on your text that you want to curve, then click on the Curve icon. A drop down will appear and all you do is slide it to the left or right. That’s it! So simple and easy.

How to Add Text to an Image

Text Basics

This an easy one as well. Just click on the text and drag it where you want it. It really is that simple. You may need to size it, which you can do with the green arrow below the text or unlocking the text box by clicking on the lock icon and then moving it freely with the green arrow icon on the other side of the text. So simple!

How to Connect Cursive Text

I don’t know why, but in Cricut Design Space when you choose a cursive font it doesn’t connect the letters. Very strange!

But that’s ok. We can do it very simply. There are 3 different ways to do this, but I am only going to show you one here today. You can find the other two in my blog post “3 Simple Ways to Connect Cursive Font“.

Text Basics

One of the ways I describe and is the one I try first is to use the Letter Space Feature.

Click on the text you want to connect. The blue square will be around it. Now click the down arrow under Letter Space Feature until the letters connect properly.

If they don’t line up exactly, you may need to use one of the other ways to connect text that I teach in the blog post above.

What is the Difference Between Cricut Fonts and System Fonts?

Text Basics

That is a great question. When you open the drop down to choose a font, in the upper right hand side you will see choices. All, System, Cricut.

Cricut is fonts that Cricut has uploaded to this program.

System is any fonts that you have downloaded to your computer and Cricut is picking up. You can download free fonts to your computer or tablet and use them in Cricut. Here are two blog posts that will teach you how.

All is both combined. So it really doesn’t matter which one you choose as long as you are aware that not all Cricut fonts are free.

There you go, now you know all the basics and even some advanced text features. Keep learning and I promise….You Will Get This!!!!!

Happy Crafting!

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Text - Cricut Design Space Basic
Text - Cricut Design Space Basic