How To Remove Background Uploaded Images

Have you ever wondered how to remove background from uploaded images in Cricut Design Space?

How To Remove Background From Uploaded Images

As a Cricut Beginner it’s hard to find images that you can use on Cricut Design Space without paying for them. I hate that.

Etsy has some really cute Laundry Room SVG files if you don’t mind paying a few dollars for them. You can see a great selection of those here

I bought a few SVG files and I love them. If you decide to buy SVG files, you can find my post about how to upload those to Cricut Design Space right here. Super easy!

How To Remove Background From Uploaded Images

But if you know how to remove background from uploaded images, you can use any image you want. Now that I really like!

It’s really very simple once you know the trick. Cricut Design Space makes it easy.

You can remove background from uploaded images that are really simple images to very intricate images.

It just depends on how much time you want to spend doing it. Of course, the intricate images will take much longer.

Here is the project that I used for my laundry room tutorial video below. I created this in PicMonkey(that’s another video tutorial coming soon), but I still had to remove the background from the uploaded image.

If you would like to use this image you can download it here.

How To Remove Background From Uploaded Images Like a Pro

Video Tutorial Remove Background

I used my new laundry room sign to show how to remove background from uploaded images.

Check out how easy it was to do. I mean…really, really, extra simple. I promise.

Picture Tutorial Remove Background

I like to create both video and picture tutorials because not that long ago I lived in the country and couldn’t get enough internet to view videos at all. So this is for all you country folks that still need things in pictures and text.

Step One – Finding the Image

I made my image in PicMonkey, but you can find an image in Google by searching what you need and then looking at the images.

I usually use words like illustration or black and white to make the search results closer to what I am looking for. Like this…

How To Remove Background From Uploaded Images

Once you find the image you want, right click on it and save it to your computer so you can find it.

Step Two – Uploading Image to Cricut Design Space

Open Cricut Design Space, click on Upload on the left side of the canvas, all the way to the bottom. Click Upload Image, Browse, then find your saved image and double click on it. Now your image should be in Cricut Design Space and it should look like this…

Remove Background From Uploaded Images

Next click on Complex, click Continue on the bottom right side.

Now you are in the Select and erase window. Take your mouse and hover over the image background. Do you see a + ? That is the cursor that will help you remove the background.

Click any where on the background and watch it magically erase. Try it now.

How To Remove Background From Uploaded Images

Easy…right? Now finish taking out all the background in that image that you need to. Be sure and use the Preview button on the bottom to make sure you got all the tiny pieces.

If you need to, use the + or – on the top right side to zoom in or out. This will help you click on the tiny pieces that you want erased.

When you are all done and happy with the results, click Continue.

At this point, I save it as a Print and Cut so that if someday I decide to Print and Cut this same image I can.

But remember, once you are on the Cricut Design Space Canvas you MUST change it to cut.

Name the image and save it.

Step Three – Uploading to Cricut Design Space Canvas to Cut

Now you should be back in the Upload page on Cricut Design Space.

How To Remove Background From Uploaded Images

Click on the image you just removed the background from and click insert images at the bottom right side.

Now you are on the Canvas where you will create and cut your image.

How To Remove Background From Uploaded Images

Right now go look on the right hand side. See that red /?  Click on it and when the new window pops up choose Cut.

You just made a Print and Cut image a Cut image. You are doing awesome!!

You Have Just Removed Your First Background From Uploaded Images

That’s it. Now you are ready to cut your image in whatever size you want.

I told you it would be easy. Now go play with it and have some fun!

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Happy Crafting!

Have you ever wondered how to get the background out of an uploaded image in Cricut Design Space? Me too! Find the answer here. Quick and Easy
Cricut Beginners Tip - Find out how to remove background from uploaded images. It's easy and so quick.