Kids Road Trip Activity Bags

“Are we there yet?”

Learn how to make these Kids Road Trip Activity Bags for a smoother road trip. I love road trips!

Decorating pre-made tote bags is fast and easy with your Cricut Machine. Design them the same or have each kids road trip activity bag different. It’s so much fun to design them. I had a blast making these.
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Create fun Kids Road Trip Activity Bags with your Cricut. Personalize them today!


My son and his family are taking a road trip, so I thought it would be fun to make the kids road trip activity bags.

The boys are 9 and 7 years old, so I tried to grab things that would interest them without making a mess in the car.

I really hope these kids road trip activity bags will keep them entertained for most of the trip.

How Did I Make My Kids Road Trip Activity Bags?

I started with tote bags I bought at my local Michael’s.

They had 3 12 inch x 12 inch  totes in a bundle for $12.95. I used my 70% off coupon that day and got them for less than five dollars. I was a happy shopper that day.

Personalized Kids Road Trip Activity Bags starts any trip out on the right foot. Fill it with great activities and don't forget the snacks.

I didn’t have a SVG file that I wanted to use, but I knew I wanted to put the boys name on there with something about the mountains, since they are taking a road trip to Colorado.

In Cricut Design Space I started with just a circle shape and built the rest of the design from there.

The mountains came from a  Google search and the font was one I had purchased a called Oldventure.

It just takes a little bit of creativity. I find that I usually know what I want, but I can’t find it. I am not always confident I can make it either.

Layer the HTV Vinyl for the Kids Road Trip Activity Bag

Start with the big circle. I use the Cricut EasyPress and love it.

Set it at 340 degrees and wait for it to warm up.

If you also have the Cricut EasyPress, be sure to check out their new recommended settings. They have changed since the EasyPress came out last year.

Create your own personalized Kids Road Trip Activity Bags for your kids. It will save your sanity on long road trips.

Set the Cricut EasyPress on the Kids Road Trip Activity Bag with the circle in place. Press for 15 seconds, using the timer on the top.

Of course I have my handy dandy Steady Betty under the activity bag. Do you see it in the picture? Its the grey thing under the bag. This keeps me from burning my work table.

Next I center the personalized text that I cut out with my Cricut on the bag, right in the middle of the circle we just pressed.

This time I used the Cricut EasyPress for the full 30 seconds.

After 30 seconds, turn the project over and press it again for 30 seconds on the back side.

Now take off the transfer paper and press again for 15 seconds.

My picture doesn’t show it, but I always use a Teflon sheet between my Cricut EasyPress and any project I am pressing.

This helps spread the heat out equally, but it also keeps my EasyPress clean. I have made the mistake of melting the vinyl with the EasyPress. Never again.

Your Kids Road Trip Activity Bag is Complete!

That’s it! You are done with your Kids Road Trip Activity Bag and ready to hit the road. Where are we going?

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Happy Crafting!

P.S. Feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.

Create personalized Kids Road Trip Activity Bags for your next road trip. Keep the quiet as long as possible
Make these Kids Road Trip Activity Bags before your trip starts. You will be so happy you did. Fast and Easy