Images - Cricut Design Space

Images – Cricut Design Space Basics

Welcome to our Cricut Design Space Basic Series where we are breaking down all the features of Cricut Design Space, one feature at a time.

Today we will talk about the Image box. How to add an image, edit, format, and move and image. Ready to learn? Let’s go!

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Images Cricut Design Space

Images – Cricut Design Space Basics – The Video Tutorial

Basic Text Instructions

Inserting Images in Cricut Design Space

Images Cricut Design Space

When you are in Cricut Design Space and in the canvas/new project area, just click on the Images Icon like you see above.

Once you do that, all the images appear. To choose an image, just click on it.

Images Cricut Design Space

The images you choose will go in a tray on the bottom right hand side. You can then send them all at one time to your canvas to work with.

When you are finished adding images, click Insert Images. All the images will land on your canvas waiting for you to use them.

One thing I need to bring out at this time. If you don’t subscribe to Cricut Access your screen will look different than mine. The first thing you will notice is that not all images are free. Even with Cricut Access not all images are free, but the biggest part of them are.

Looking at the picture below, my Image page is the left one (I subscribe to Cricut Access). The picture to the right of mine does not have Cricut Access. Notice the difference? Her images have prices below them and mine don’t.

Images Cricut Design Space

If you think you will be using several images a month, now is the time to think about subscribing to Cricut Access. Below are the prices and what comes with each membership type. I do the premium membership.

Cricut Access Subscription Cost and advantages

How to Search For Images in Cricut Image Library

Images Cricut Design Space

While you are still in the Images section, look to your right on the top. Do you see the search bar? Try it now. I put the word Heart in there and it gave me all kinds of different hearts.

Images Cricut Design Space

You can also search the sections Categories and Cartridges.

Years ago, when Cricut was new, they used cartridges for images and text. We don’t use them anymore, but Cricut has kindly made the images available to us.

So you can search for your design in all three areas, Images, Categories, and Cartridges. Just click on Images, Categories, or Cartridges and then type in the image you want to search for. It’s very simple.

You can get even more detailed in your search if you click on Filter right after the search bar and click a few of these filter items.

Advanced Image Instructions

How to Edit Images in Cricut Design Space


Images Cricut Design Space

With your image on your Canvas there are several edits you can make.

To edit any image, you need to have clicked on the image with the blue square is around it.

The first edit location is on the tool bar above the image. The first edit we can make is the Linetype. Depending on your image, it defaults to Cut. But if you click on the down arrow you will see other edit options. Play around with those by clicking on each one to see what it does to your image.

But for this image we are going to Cut it, so I don’t change anything there. The next edit option is the colored box right next to Linetype. You can change the color here. Click on one of their colors or put in the hex color code for your own personal color choice.


Images Cricut Design Space

The next image edit we can make is the fill. If you are cutting your image, there will be no fill. But if you are printing your image you can change the color or texture of your image.

If I click the down arrow next to No Fill and choose Print, the box next to it changes to a color box. Now you can click on the color box and choose a color your image will print out or you can choose a Pattern. To find the patterns available, click the color box then look for the down arrow next to the word Color. From this you can choose Pattern and wait for the patterns to upload. You can upload your own pattern in the same way you upload images. Check out my blog post on “How to Upload Images to Cricut Design Space“.

Select All/Deselect

The Select All/Deselect icon is pretty self explanatory. Click on it to select everything on your canvas or click to deselect an image that has been selected or that has the blue box around it.


This icon allows you to Cut, Copy and Paste what you have highlighted. There is another icon in the far right called Duplicate that I tend to use more than this Edit icon.


The Align icon will allow you to easily arrange your images. Center, right, left, etc. This also works with Text.


Images Cricut Design Space

I like the Flip icon because sometimes I don’t like the direction an image is facing….like my chicken. I can easily click on the image and then on the Flip icon and choose to flip it horizontally or vertically.


You can use the Size icons for precise sizes or you can use the blue dot on the right hand side of your image you have selected. Just click on the blue dot, hold your mouse and slide it up or down. Use the lock icon to unlock the dimensions. I use the unlock a lot in my images. This gives me greater freedom to size it or reshape it a little. Very useful tool.


If you know how much you want to rotate an image, this is really helpful. I usually use the rotate icon on the blue box of the image I have selected. I can play with it as much as I want.


This is really useful for when you know where you want your image on your page. You can give it specific dimensions and Cricut will place your image there. Otherwise it always puts it in the left hand corner.

Ok….that covers Images and editing Images. You can do a lot knowing just these features. Now get out there and Create!

Happy Crafting!!!

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Images - Cricut Design Space
Images - Cricut Design Space
Images - Cricut Design Space