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How to Download Fonts to Cricut

Learn how to download free fonts to your Cricut

It is fast and easy to download fonts from Dafont to Cricut.

There are many other free font sites you can download from as well, but I prefer Dafont. So I will be speaking and showing pictures from Dafont, but this process applies to them all.

How to Download Fonts from Dafont to Cricut – Video Tutorial

How to Download Fonts from Internet to Cricut

  1. Once you are on the Dafont site, you will see lots of choices. From here you can start clicking types of fonts and just explore. You will be able to scroll through tons and tons of fonts under each category.

    Learn how to download free Dafont fonts to Cricut.

  2. You can also choose to see how a font will look with a word or phrase you are wanting to use.

    To do this, click on any font type in the header pictured above. This just gets us to a new page with a different tool bar. Once you click on that a new tool bar appears. There is a Preview button on the far left hand side. Here is where you will type in your text you are wanting new font for. You will still need to pick the Font Category, but this makes it so much easier to actually see how your text will look with each font.

    So lets say I want the words Welcome to Our Home. So I type that in the Preview box and then click Submit.

    Learn how to download free Dafont fonts to Cricut.

  3. I think it really helps to see your text in each font. Especially if you are looking for something particular.

    So search and play with this feature as much as you want.

    There is no limit to how many you can download.

  4. To download a font from Dafont all you need to do is click the Download button on the far right.

    Once you do that, it will send you to a page on your computer to save it. Mine already knows where to save fonts, but you may need to create a new folder to save all your fonts.

    If you don’t like where this is, just click Desktop and create a new folder there.

    Learn how to download free Dafont fonts to Cricut.

  5. After you save it, in the saved file double click the name of the font.

    If there are several versions of the font, I try to choose either OpenType or TrueType. The other versions can be a bold version or italic version. You can download them as well. Some versions of the file are information about the font.

    Learn how to download free Dafont fonts to Cricut.

  6. When you double click on the name of the font you downloaded, a new box will pop up. Click Install.

    Learn how to download free Dafont fonts to Cricut.

  7. That’s it! Your font is now installed on your computer.

    To get Cricut to recognize it you will need to refresh your Cricut App.

    Go to Cricut. At the top left hand corner click View, then click Force Reload. This will refresh Cricut and your fonts will be in their program now.

    Learn how to download free Dafont fonts to Cricut.

  8. To find your fonts and make sure they downloaded to Cricut, type in some text in your Cricut Design Space canvas and then in the font dropdown type in the name of the font you downloaded. Mine was Goo Easter.

    Learn how to download free Dafont fonts to Cricut.

That’s it! You can download as many as you want. I have hundreds of fonts downloaded.

The next question you will probably ask is….How can I organize my fonts?

I have a fix for that too. It’s called a Font Manager. Here is my blog post telling you how to download the font manager and how to use it. You will thank me for this one. Organize Fonts with a Font Manager.

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