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DreamBox Craft Table & Storage

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The DreamBox Craft Table & Storage Unit has it all. My Cricut machine and all my supplies fit perfectly. At night, I just close the doors and it’s all gone. No more mess.

DreamBox Craft Table Storage | Craft Room Storage | ScrapBox DreamBox

What Makes the DreamBox Craft Table So Perfect for Cricut Addicts?

First of all, the DreamBox Craft Table & Storage unit is their best seller and there is a reason for that.

If you love crafts and want everything consolidated and within reach while you work, you are going to love the DreamBox Craft Table & Storage unit.

It’s not really just a craft table. It is a complete storage unit with a table to work on as well. When you are done crafting, close the doors and the mess is out of sight. Don’t you love that idea?

The DreamBox Craft Table & Storage is completely customizable to meet your particular crafting needs. This makes it really nice when you are ready to change things up. You can rearrange the shelves and cubbies as often as you want.

There are 85,000 cubic inches of storage space. Will this be enough for you?

The door styles available for you to choose from will blend perfectly with your furniture. Just pick the door and color that you desire.

DreamBox Craft Table Storage | Craft Room Storage | ScrapBox DreamBox

You can custom order your DreamBox with a few extras.

Upgrade the doors, order it with the Crown trim and light. You can also add drawers right above where your Cricut machine will sit.

I am really excited about the light. It seems I never have the right light when I am in my craft room.

Probably my favorite thing about this craft cabinet is that is have the ability to have the table at a sit or stand level. I stand most of the time when I craft, but when I sew I want to sit. So this is perfect for me.

The craft table is large, 3 feet x 3 feet, and it folds up to put away or to access the storage underneath. They don’t waste any storage space in this beauty.

DreamBox Craft Table & Storage – The Video

How Big is the DreamBox?

Check out the measurements of the DreamBox Craft Table & Storage Unit.

The DreamBox Features

Dreambox Craft Table and Storage

Central Storage Space – Store machines or other items up to 14 1/8″ tall above table and up to 24 1/2″ tall below table. Vertically adjustable shelving. 

Swing Doors (2) – 3 5/8″ deep. Customizable with a total of 10 adjustable shelves, 12 acrylic guards, 12 hooks and 4 metal rods (all included). 6 deep pockets (2.75″ deep). 

Includes – 80 acrylic totes, 77 adjustable shelves, 16 clear lidded jars (16 oz.), 12 acrylic guards, 12 hooks, 4 metal rods, safety strap, 12 steel caster wheels. 1 Security Kit. 

The DreamBox Price – Ouch

Dreambox Craft Table and Storage

DreamBox Craft Table & Storage unit price is the hardest to take.

If you buy upgraded doors and all the extras, it will cost you approximately $3,146.00 unassembled.

If you buy the one above and they put it together, it will cost you approximately $3,645.00 assembled.

Gulp….I told you it was going to be hard to take. BUT, if you think about all the time you spend looking for what you need and then rebuying it because you never found it, this is a money saver, time saver and a sanity saver.

Buy Now Cricut Maker

The DreamBox – The Good Part

Dreambox Craft Table and Storage

They do have a payment program for the DreamBox Craft Table & Storage unit. That makes it a little easier, now doesn’t it?

There is a 24 month warranty of the product, but there is also a 30 day satisfaction guarantee,  so if you aren’t happy, send it back. But I know you will love it.

It takes 3-8 weeks to make the DreamBox, so order early and get it sooner.

Now that you know all about the DreamBox Craft Table & Storage Unit you will be dreaming about it too. I can’t get it out of my mind. I think it’s time for me to order mine.

Happy Crafting!

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