Cricut Spring Projects

Cricut Spring Projects

Create Spring Time Porch Planters

I have a lot of planters sitting on my front porch. This is such a great idea to add a design flair to anyone’s front porch. I love this idea! This maybe my first Cricut spring project.

I rounded up the best tutorials and Cricut spring project ideas to get you started!

Cricut Spring Projects

How to Make a Large Porch Sign

I see these porch signs every where. Now you can make one that is personalized for your home. Create one for each season

Creative Fabrica has lots of great Spring Porch Signs to choose from. Check it out here.

Cricut Spring Projects

Create Garden Pillows

I have pillows on my front porch, but I love this idea. I can create anything I want with the colors I want for my porch. This will be my second Cricut Spring Project. I wonder how many pillows I can get on my porch. hmmm

Cricut Spring Projects

Spring Wreath using Paper

As long as this is out of the rain, it should last all spring. What colors will you use?

Cricut Spring Projects

Colorful Koozies for Spring and Summer

I like beer and I need a koozie. Now I can create my own and use my silly humor to make me laugh every time I see them.

Check out Creative Fabricas koozie designs.

Cricut Spring Projects

Learn to use Waterslide Paper

I am in love with Waterslide paper. It’s easy to use and so much fun. Grab a design you like and you are ready to go.

Creative Fabrica has many waterslide tumbler designs. Find your perfect design here.

Cricut Spring Projects

Personalized Door Mats

Choose a door mat design that fits your personality or the decor of your home. Either way it will be a hit with your family and friends.

Creative Fabrica has a lot of great designs for any porch. Check them out here.

Cricut Spring Projects

This gives you ideas for Cricut Spring Projects. Which one will you start with first?

Have a happy Crafting day!

Bren with Addicted to Cricut