Cricut Paper Flowers

Cricut Paper Flowers are beautiful and delicate but anyone with a Cricut can master this art. Yes, you will waste a bit of cardstock in the learning process, but it will be worth it. Below are several different Cricut Paper Flowers you can try. I rounded up the best tutorials and Cricut paper flower ideas to get you started!

Cricut Paper Peonies

Learn to make these pretty flowers for your home or gifts. So pretty and yet so easy. Check out this tutorial.

Peonies beautiful enough to grace any table. You can make these today!

How do you make a paper rose step by step?

This step by step tutorial on how to make paper roses will help you learn to create beautiful roses for all occasions.

Paper Roses may look difficult, but they aren’t. Try them!

Can Cricut Make 3D Flowers?

Cricut can make 3D flowers. Using many different kinds of materials, learn how to create the perfect 3D flowers for your home or event.

3D flowers make a big impact when seen. Surprise your family and friends with flowers you made.

How to make giant paper flowers with Cricut?

Big paper flowers have always been my go-to flower for parties and events that need an some extra glam.

Giant paper flowers are the perfect addition to any party. Surprise your friends and family with giant flowers.

How to make a flower shadow box with Cricut?

Flower Shadow Boxes are fun and also hard work. There are usually lots of flowers in that box, but the effect is beautiful.

Shadow Box Flowers are beautiful and look hard, but they aren’t.

How to make a bouquet of flowers with a Cricut?

Creating a Cricut Paper Flower Bouquet can be challenging, but with a step by step tutorial you will find you can create this too.

So pretty and yet so easy. This Cricut Flower Bouquet will be fun to make.

How do you make a hydrangea with Cricut?

I am in love with Cricut Paper Hydrangea Flowers. They are so beautiful and yet a challenge to make. So many small pieces. I will master this one soon.

Cricut Paper Hydrangea look so real. These flowers are bit more intense to make, but worth it

How to make paper Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are so fragile and airy looking. Test your Cricut paper flower skills with this flower.

These are delicate, but still you can create these lovely flowers for yourself.

Today try creating Cricut Paper Flowers for yourself. You will be addicted in no time at all.

Happy Crafting!

Bren with Addicted to Cricut