Projects using Cricut Machine

Cricut Machine First Projects

Learn how to complete your Cricut machines first project that comes in the box. Watch VIDEOS for step by step instructions.

I know what you are doing. You are sitting there staring at your new Cricut machine, and scared to touch it. STOP THAT! You aren’t going to break it so let’s dive into your first project using Cricut Machine. Take a breath and just start.

Cricut Machine First Projects

Look inside the box to find a project that Cricut has already sent you. Depending on the Cricut model you chose, the projects will be different. 

I was so happy to see inside my Cricut Machine Explore Air 2 box that there was a first project ready for me to make. Otherwise I wouldn’t have known where to start.

But this gave me a chance to work with my Cricut machine and not be afraid. All I could think was…I would hate to break it so soon.  hahaha

In my box, I found the Enjoy card, but I can’t find the video for it now. I know I saw one….but it’s lost now.

The Hello Card

Is the Hello Card the project your new Cricut machine has in the box? Then this video is for you. Check it out this official Cricut video…it’s really easy to follow along.




Wasn’t that fun!!! Are you ready to tackle more Cricut machine projects now?

The Vinyl “Create” Sticker

Is the Create sticker the project your new Cricut Cutting Machine has in the box? Then this video is for you. In this official Cricut video, she walks you through how to make your very first vinyl sticker with your new Cricut machine. How exciting!




I am in love with vinyl projects, so this was a great Cricut beginner video. Let’s go find more things to put vinyl on.

Did you find your Cricut Machine?

If you didn’t find your project here, that’s ok. They are changing them up all the time. Simply follow the directions on your project and you will be fine. You can do this!

I also wrote a blog post to help new Cricut owners to just take the leap and jump into a simple project.  I walk you through a simple project, with a video, and also give you lots of links to helpful blog posts, like how to download fonts to use with your Cricut. The blog post is called Cricut Design Space for Beginners – Where to Start.

Cricut Design Space for Beginners | Where to start with Cricut Design Space | Learn Cricut Design Space | Cricut Design Space 101

If you need help, please reach out to us on our Facebook page. We are always willing to help Cricut beginners get started. Here is the link to Addicted to Cricut Facebook Page.

We also have a private Cricut group where we share ideas and help each other when we get stuck. We all get stuck! Please feel free to join us here… Addicted to Cricut Group.

My First Cricut Project

Now get out there and open your Cricut machine and start exploring this new world. You are gonna love it!

Happy Crafting!!!

Bren with Addicted to Cricut