Cricut - How to Print & Cut

Cricut – How to Print & Cut

Cricut – How to Print & Cut? This is an easy project that even beginners can handle. Follow my easy directions and you will have a beautiful project to share.

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Cricut - How to Print & Cut

What Is Cricut Print & Cut?

Cricut Print & Cut is a little different than cutting vinyl or paper, but it is just as easy.

You print an image using Cricut Design Space and then Cricut cuts it out. So simple!

Upload an image to Cricut Design Space or choose an image from Cricut Design Space, print it on your home computer through Cricut, then put it on the Cricut mat and Cricut will cut around it, even if it is very intricate.

All you need besides your Cricut machine is a printer. I don’t recommend a laser printer, but if that’s what you have, it will work. I have an ink jet printer and it works great.

Does Cricut Print?

No, the Cricut machine doesn’t do the printing, only the cutting. It sends your image to your printer to be printed and then you put it on the Cricut mat to be cut. It’s really simple.

What you will love is how easy it is to to cut delicate images. Cricut is going to do all the hard work for you.

Cricut Print & Cut Size

Sadly, there is a limit to what we can print and cut.

The size limit for the Cricut Print & Cut is 6.75 x 9.25 or less. You can fill that space with one image or several, it’s up to you. But that is the limit and it won’t let you get past this section in Cricut till you correct it.

What Materials can you Print and Cut?

Basically, whatever your printer can print, Cricut will cut.

You can use printable sticker paper, clear printable sticker paper, waterslide paper, printable iron-on vinyl, printable vinyl paper, copy paper, and cardstock.

Cricut Print & Cut Tutorial Video

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How to Print then Cut with Cricut

  1. Upload a picture or choose one from Cricut Design Space image section.

  2. Drag a box around the image, then hit the Flatten icon on the bottom right hand side. Now it is ready to be printed.

  3. Size your image so it isn’t bigger than 6.25 x 9.25.

  4. Click Enter on the top right hand side. Green button.

  5. When you see your image on the mat with the black box around it, you don’t need to do anything more on this page. Click continue.

    Print Cut - Step by Step Tutorial

  6. Click Send to Printer. Choose your printer. I don’t add the bleed, but you can if you want a bit of an edge on your image.

    Print Cut - Step by Step Tutorial

  7. Load your materials in your printer. Click Print.

  8. When it is done printing, put it on your Cricut Mat in the top left hand corner like we always do. Load it and choose your materials you are cutting. Click the Go button on the machine.

    Print Cut - Step by Step Tutorial

  9. Once its done, weed the background off and you have an awesome Print & Cut!

    Print Cut - Step by Step Tutorial

What can you use Print & Cut projects on?

There really isn’t anything you can’t use them on. The printable vinyl makes it so you can print then cut your image and put it on notebooks, cards, travel mugs, ….. the list is endless.

With cardstock, you can make and personalize beautiful cards for all occasions.

With Printable Iron on you can create on shirts, hats, aprons, or any fabric.

Get Creative!

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Cricut - How to Print & Cut
Cricut - How to Print & Cut
Cricut - How to Print & Cut