You Need the Cricut Bright Pad To See Your Cuts

Cricut Bright Pad

What is a Cricut Bright Pad and do I need one for my Cricut projects?

The Cricut Bright Pad lights up your cuts!

I didn’t know what a Cricut Bright Pad was or that I needed one until I found myself holding my cut vinyl up to the sun to see the cuts.

That’s when I realized I needed the Cricut Bright Pad.

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What is a Cricut Bright Pad | Cricut Bright Pad for better weeding | Do I need a Cricut Bright Pad

I love weeding intricate SVG patterns that my Cricut machine cuts out. But without the Cricut Bright Pad it is hard to see the cuts in the vinyl.

Whether you are cutting heat transfer vinyl or intricate vinyl patterns for a home decor signs, this tool is a huge asset to have in your tool box.

My New Cricut Bright Pad

I bought it from my local Joann’s store and I am in love with it already. Before I bought the Cricut Bright Pad, I bought an off brand from Amazon and really didn’t like it at all because when I touched the glass, the intensity of the light would change.

How am I suppose to work on it if it won’t hold still? So off it went back to Amazon.

My First Project Using Cricut Bright Pad

Last night I did my first intricate weeding with the new Cricut Bright Pad. If you aren’t sure what weeding is, check out this post where I explain it and there is a video showing what it is too.

For my first weeding job with the Bright Pad, I used the hardest material to see through when weeding, the dreaded, but oh so pretty, glitter vinyl.

The Cricut Bright Pad worked perfectly! Some said I might have to lift the edges of the vinyl to be able to see the cut lines, but I didn’t have any problems seeing them.

You can see in the picture below how the light is coming through the glitter vinyl really well. You don’t have to bend it to see the cuts. I am really impressed.

Cricut Light Pad Just Starting My First Project

What I Like About The Cricut Bright Pad – Pros

There are several reasons I really like this Cricut Bright Pad. It is lightweight, which is nice because I tend to carry it around with me to different places in the house. The living room, the bedroom, where ever I feel like weeding.

It has anti skid tabs on the bottom so when I do put it on the table, it doesn’t scoot around.

It has 3 buttons. Power button and + and – buttons. It’s so simple, press the + to increase the light and – to dim it.

It has 5 brightness levels which is perfect. Some materials I use need a lot of light and with others, just a little light is better.

I am almost done with this cute panda family. It’s a gift for a little girl that loves pandas and it’s made out of purple sparkly vinyl. She will love it!
Cricut Light Pad My First Project

What I Don’t Like About the Cricut Bright Pad – Cons

It has to be plugged in all the time while you are using it. Ugh….But usually the places I sit to weed have a plug near by, but I wish it was a battery type device that you didn’t have to have the cord attached all the time. Know what I mean? I hate cords.

Battery Pack for Cricut Light PadSomeone in the FaceBook group suggested I get a battery pack, so I did.

I bought Polanfo M5000 that says it is compatible with the iPhone 7 Plus that I have.

I bought it in pink to match my Cricut Bright Pad. It was less than $20 at Amazon, so I bought it.

I have never used one of these before, but it connects into the USB. The Cricut Bright Pad comes with a wall adapter and a USB connector, similar to what our phones do. So that is perfect for the battery pack.

Overall…I love the new Cricut Bright Pad!

So I would say overall that the Cricut Bright Pad is a great tool that will help you with your weeding of vinyl. It really isn’t that expensive either.

So if you are on the fence, go ahead and jump…you will be so glad you did.

If is out of Bright Pads, don’t worry, Amazon usually has them too.

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Projects I Did With the Help of the Cricut Bright Pad

Just a few of the projects I did with my Cricut Bright Pad. Some of these were so intricate that it would have been impossible without the light pad. Even holding it up to a window didn’t really show me the cuts as well as the light pad. I love it!
Cricut Bright Pad Projects

Ok…time to finish the panda family and find a new project.

Happy Crafting!

Cricut Bright Pad
Cricut Bright Pad