Creating Stencil Letters To Paint On Wood

Creating Stencil Letters – Bridge Letters – What???

I made a custom outdoor wood sign for my front door, here is a link to the post. What I found is creating stencil letters to paint on wood didn’t work like other projects. The letters had to be different. Who knew?

Creating stencil letters that will work for a stencil means you have to Bridge the letters. What the heck? Bridge the letters? I know…I said the same thing. But it does make sense when you understand why you need to do this when creating stencil letters for painting.

Here is a video I created to help you understand what “Bridging” really is and how to get around it.

See… creating stencil letters doesn’t have to be that hard!

Custom Outdoor Wood Signs 2

I hope that video helped.  Did I explain the font download easy enough to follow?  If not, let me know in the comments below. It’s really easy once you do it.

Don’t forget to refresh Design Space or you won’t find your new font.

Don’t forget to save your project too because when you refresh it erases anything you have on there.

If you don’t want to cheat when creating stencil letters and need to do this yourself, here is a video showing you how to bridge your letters, step by step.

Happy Crafting!!!

Creating Stencil Letters To Paint On Wood PIN