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Create Wood Signs with Cricut

Learn how to create wood signs with Cricut. Easy and fast to do. Your friends are going to be so jealous!

Would You Like To Create Wood Signs With Cricut?

I did too, so I dove in head first with my first project. When you make your own custom wood signs with Cricut you get to design them the way that makes you happy.

I love how my wood sign turned out. It wasn’t as easy as it looks. I had a heck of a time getting this right.

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Learn how to make Custom outdoor wood signs with Cricut machine | Front door welcome sign | Make your own wood welcome sign

We have all seen the adorable Outdoor Wood Signs and wondered where we can get ours or how we can make them.

Now you can with your Cricut Smart Cutting Machine.

Grab some wood and vinyl to cut out a stencil and let’s get Cricuting!

Where To Begin on Our Wood Signs With Cricut?

DIY Custom Wood Signs with Cricut Smart Cutting Machine
This project was a bit of a challenge for me, but after trying it different ways, I did create an awesome welcome sign for my front door.

  • First…I tried to do it with vinyl, but it wouldn’t stick to the board. I had read that it probably wouldn’t, but I am hardheaded, so I had to try for myself.
  • Second…I tried stencil vinyl that I bought, only to later find out it really wasn’t for stencils at all. I need to find stencil blanks in order to make actual stencils that we are used to using.
  • Finally… I cut out my letters in vinyl again, but only after I was told I had to build bridges in my stencil.

What are bridges in Cricut?

Building Bridges

Good question. A bridge in the Cricut world is something we use to keep the inside of the letters from falling out. If I make an A, what happens to the middle of the A when I try to put it on the wood? Sometimes it gets cut off or I lose it.

So, if you build a bridge in your letters you can control where the inside of your letters go. That is why stencil letters are created with a line through some of the letters. Those lines are actually bridges.

Check out my video. I made it easier for you to learn how, and showed you how to cheat. Sweet and easy! You can find it here in my post.

Where Did I Get The Boards For My Wood Signs?

I found the boards at my local Lowes. It said they were Pallet Boards. The actual size is .375 inches x5.5 inches x47.5 inches, and it came stained on one side. I didn’t cut them, I used them the size that they were and they worked out great.

Amazon carries wood similar, but in different size, but watch out for the shipping.

How Did I Attach The Two Boards?

I bought a tube of Liquid Nails and grabbed 3 paint sticks from the paint department and glued the 2 boards together. It was really that easy!

How I Attached My Boards Together for my Custom Outdoor Wood Sign

I left them over night to dry before I started painting on them. I had a few ceramic floor tiles, so I put them on top of the paint sticks to make sure the sticks got good and stuck on the wood planks.

Spacing The Letters On My Outdoor Wood Signs

I knew I didn’t want the letters to go all the way down because I always put things around the welcome sign. (See picture below.) So I only painted about 3/4 of the way down. Even though I stopped the letters higher on the board, I still put a brick under the sign to get it up higher.

DIY Custom Wood Signs with Cricut Smart Cutting Machine

You can see the gap I left at the bottom in the picture below. That gives me enough room to put some flowers under it or pumpkins, or at least it does in theory.

DIY Custom Wood Signs with Cricut Smart Cutting Machine

Painting My Wood Sign I Made With Cricut

Once I had my measurements right, I traced the letters on from the vinyl I cut out and then painted it.  Since I hand painted each letter, I painted out the stencil or bridge part.

It was a choice I thought looked better. But if you use a stencil and you leave it on the wood while you paint, you won’t be able to do that.

Labels On Planters Made with Cricut

DIY Custom Wood Signs with Cricut Smart Cutting MachineFor the nursery planters that have mums in them, I took printed vinyl and cut out the words that I wanted, then weeded out the letters so the major part of the printed vinyl was left. It was nice that the planters were black, it made my work easy.

I love mums in the fall,  so it was a natural that I would display them on the front porch.

Wood Signs With Cricut Made My Front Porch Beautiful!

DIY Custom Wood Signs with Cricut Smart Cutting Machine

Welcome to my front porch. I love it!

Now that I know how to make wood signs with Cricut and I can customize them say anything I want and I am excited to make more.

I would never have tried to tackle this project without my Cricut. Only it made this possible.

My daughter has already put her order in for one of these. Ha…maybe.

Get ready to attack your own Custom Wood Signs With Cricut! It’s fun!

What If….?

What if you don’t feel crafty or you just don’t have time to do it yourself? There are some great choices for vertical welcome signs on Etsy. Take a look.

Vertical Welcome SignWelcome SignsDistressed Wood SignXL Welcome Sign

Either way…dress up your front porch for fall and all the seasons to come!

Happy Crafting!!!

How To Make Custom Outdoor Wood Signs with Cricut PIN
Custom Outdoor Wood Signs with Cricut PIN