Create a Stencil Font with Cricut

We have the ability to create a Stencil Font with our Cricut. Stencil fonts have “bridges” that connect all the pieces so the middle of letters that will be floating free will now be bridged in your font.

I have an older woman, in her 80s, that needed a stencil the right size for a baby’s quilt name. I made her exactly what she needed so she could trace the letters and then embroider them.

How To Make Stencils Using the Cricut

First thing you will want to do is choose a font of your liking. The one I chose is bold and has lots of space for painting inside, like for a door mat.

Once you have your font, type your word and figure out which letters need a bridge. Any letter with an unattached center.

Next grab a square shape from the Shapes tool. Unlock it on the top tool bar, see the tiny padlock? Click that. Now the square will move in any direction you want. Make it a line going up and down and make it skinny. Now put it in a good place to form a bridge in your font.

Now you have a stencil letter A. That was easy…right?

Before you run off to make any font a stencil, one more thing I would suggest. Create a Weeding Box around it. That way when you pick up your stenciled text, the inside comes out and leaves the text in a nice box. Make sure to Attach them both together. This tells Cricut, “cut it this way”.

Once again, grab a square from the Shapes tool. Unlock it on the top tool panel and then send it to the back and adjust around your text.

You can use any size material to cut this out. It looks like I have it cutting from a small piece, but you can put a big sheet on there and it will cut it just like this. This is a great idea to save on materials, and you don’t have to hand cut it off then.

There are so many uses for for stencil fonts and now you can make any font a stencil with your Cricut. There are also many place you can download stencil font. My favorite is DaFont because they are all free and there are lots to choose from. To learn how to download new fonts into Cricut, check out my blog post “How to Download Fonts to Cricut“.

Happy Crafting!

Bren with Addicted to Cricut