How to convert image to SVG for Cricut

How to Convert an Image to SVG for Cricut – 1 Layer Cuts

Learn how to convert an image to SVG for Cricut. Family pictures work great!

I get asked every day in my Facebook Group if you can convert an image to an SVG file for Cricut. The answer is always YES! but it really depends on the picture you choose.

I use several different FREE sites to do this. My favorite is Pull that website up on your computer and let’s get busy.

How to Convert an Image to SVG file – Video Tutorial

Watch as I convert my family image to SVG file. So easy! You are going to love this!!!

Find an image or picture to convert

First thing you need to do is find a picture you want to convert to an SVG file to cut with your Cricut.

Finding the perfect picture or image may be the hardest thing. All you can do is upload it to PicSVG and try it. You won’t really know how well it will turn out till you try. Some are just too dark. Some have too many things in it. Others are too light.

So find one you want to try and upload it to PicSVG. Do this by clicking Upload a Picture.

How to convert image to SVG for Cricut

Now let the software do its job. You will see the original and the converted image side by side or sometimes one on top of the other.

But WAIT! We aren’t done yet. There are 2 filters I always change. They sit above the original picture. Look at the picture below. I change both of those filters to read as you see below. It will change how your converted svg image will look.

How to convert image to SVG for Cricut

If I keep the filters like they have pre-set, this is what my image would look like…..

How to convert image to SVG for Cricut

But by changing those 2 filters my image changes to this. Big difference.

How to convert image to SVG for Cricut

How to Upload Converted SVG File to Cricut Design Space

If you have uploaded an image to Cricut Design Space already, this next step will be very easy because you have probably done it before.

Uploading Image to CDS

On your new canvas in Cricut Design Space, click on Upload icon, the page will change and then click Upload Image. Now find where you saved your converted SVG file and click on it. Since it’s an SVG file it shouldn’t need any touch up and the background should be gone already. Click Save.

You should be back on your upload page now, all you have to do is click on the image and then click Insert Image. It should now be on your canvas.

Preparing Converted SVG File for Cutting with Cricut

Now that you have learned how to convert an image to SVG for Cricut, let’s use it.

With your SVG file on your canvas, you can now size it or change it if you like. If you look at mine, there are a few specks that I could take out by using the slice tool. But I think I will leave my specks in.

By the way, this is a picture of me as a little girl.

How to convert image to SVG for Cricut

Prepare to Cut SVG File

Your image is sized like you want and you are ready to cut. If you click on Make It now you will be surprised, it may look like a mess.

First we need to weld it all together. This image is made up of layers and layers. You can see that on the right hand side of your canvas. Do you see all those pieces? Let’s make them just one piece.

Highlight the entire image and click Weld. Done! Now you are ready to cut your image.

That’s it! Was it easier than you thought? I do hope so. If you still have questions, please come into the Addicted to Cricut group and ask us there. Thanks

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Happy Crafting!

Bren with Addicted to Cricut