Clean Cricut Mat with Scrubbie

How To Clean My Cricut Mat

If you are wondering how to clean your Cricut mat, then you have done a few projects using your new Cricut and now you have a messy, gunky mess.

Don’t worry…we all do that. Look at the mess I made on this cardstock project.

There are several ways or ideas I have seen to clean your Cricut mat. I tried them all to see which one worked the best and I guess it really depends on what kind of gunk you have on your mat. Mine is really sticky,  like you took a price tag off a glass. Yuck.

First let me tell you what works, then I will tell you the others I tried.

#1 Way To Clean My Cricut Mat

How To Clean My Cricut Mat

The best product I have found and I have heard several online agree with me, is called Awesome Cleaner. I picked it up at Dollar General, but if you don’t have one of those, Amazon has it right here.

It cleaned the gunk off and also took away the bits of paper and vinyl backing that was left after a few projects. I even had some leather backing stuck on there. It’s gone now.

What was really good about it, is that it wasn’t abrasive so it didn’t take the sticky part off. Once it was dry it was as good as new. I keep a full bottle at all times.

How To Clean My Cricut Mat – Other Products I Tried

Clean Cricut MatI heard that a baby wipe will take off the dirt, and I am sure it would if it was only dirt. But my problem is the gunk. Baby wipes didn’t work well for me.

Next I tried a Clorox wipe. It did a little better than the baby wipe, but not good enough for me. It smelled clean though.

Then I tried using a Magic Eraser. It didn’t do anything at all. I was really hoping this would be the magic answer.

I then took it to the sink and tried the Magic Eraser with some Dawn Dish soap on it and it did better, but still not great.

Clean Cricut Mat with Scrubbie

I grabbed my scrubby next to my sink and it did great job from the get-go. So that is my number 2 choice to clean my Cricut mat from now on.

After that, let it dry.

I know I said this before, but if you don’t want all this hassle, you can buy new mats. Amazon has them 2 mats that are less than $10. So they aren’t expensive to buy. I always keep extras on hand just in case I really need them and don’t want to take time to clean the one I have

You won’t need a new mat every time you create a project with your Cricut machine, but some projects leave a mess and others don’t. That could be human error….but I am not saying that at this point. hehe

It’s your choice. I am cleaning mine, but I have 2 new mats waiting to be opened as well. My fall-back plan.

Happy Crafting!!!

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