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Character Map – How to Use Font Glyphs

If you love fonts with swishes and swirls, and the font with the long tails on the end, you need a Character Map. What is a Character Map and how do you use it? Let’s find out.

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Character Map in Cricut Design Space | Learn how to use swishes and swirls in Cricut Design Space

What is a Character Map?

A Character Map is used within Microsoft window operating system to view the characters in any downloaded and installed font.

You can view each font, each letter within that font, and see what keyboard input is used for each character.

But fortunately Windows created a way to just copy the character and paste it into your project. That would mean Cricut Design Space for us.

Where Do I Get a Character Map?

Windows has a different one than the one we are used to seeing.

So go Google and type in Character Map UWP. It is a free download.

Once it downloads, it automatically grabs all your fonts you have on your computer. If you download new ones, just X out of the Character Map and then reopen it. This makes it go grab anything new.

What About Character Map in a Mac?

Unfortunately, the Mac computer doesn’t have an easy way to view the Character Map. You can reach the Character Map on a Mac by pressing Command + Option + T. Then you can browse through your fonts to find special characters or glyphs.

There is another option, but it’s not free. There is an app called Ultra Character Map in the Apple Store that you can download. If you use a lot of glyphs, this might be something you may want to purchase.

Why Do I Need a Character Map?

If you like fancy fonts with lots of swirls, swishes and tails….you need a Character Map.

This will make your life easier. We all want easier!

How Do I Use a Character Map?

Once you have the Character Map UWP downloaded and saved on your desktop, just click on it to open it and then go find the font with the glyphs that you want to work with. It really is that easy!

Scrolling through all the fonts is fun too, just to see what each one offers.

How to Use a Character Map Video

How Do I Find Fonts with Glyphs?

Most fonts with great glyphs aren’t free. That makes me sad.

The free one is I Love Glitter font. I downloaded mine from Dafont. It has a lot of hearts and swirly things to add before and after words.

But if you find some glyphs you really like, it might be worth buying that font. Fonts aren’t that expensive, especially if you just buy them from time to time.

But now you at least have an option. Get out there and design some fun projects with Fonts, Glyphs, and your Character Map.

Happy Crafting!

Character Map in Cricut Design Space | Learn how to use swishes and swirls in Cricut Design Space